‘UNODC World Drug Report 2023’

Recently, on June 26, 2023 ‘The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’ released ‘The UNODC World Drug Report 2023’ alarms of a converging crisis as illicit drug markets continue to expand and the challenges they pose to health services and law enforcement.

Alarming Facts

  • Globally 13.2 million newly people inject drugs in 2021 (18% higher than previously estimated)
  • 296 million people used drugs in 2021 (23% increases over the past decade)
  • With 45% increases over 10 years, 39.5 million. suffers from drug use disorders.
  • The youth population is most vulnerable and affected by Drug menace. In Africa 70% percent of people in treatment are under the age of 35.
Illegal Drug Route Related to India

  • India is sandwiched between the two largest opium. producing regions of the world that are ‘Golden triangle‘ on one side and ‘Golden crescent‘ on the other.
  • The Golden Triangle Area comprises Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos.
  • The Golden Crescent area includes ‘Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran’.
  • India is one of the world’s single largest opiate markets in terms of users and would likely be vulnerable to increased supply.