The Fuel One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Which fossil fuels is the cleanest fuel? Natural gas
2 What causes maximum indoor chemical pollution? Burning coal
3 Octane number is a measure of the quality of – Petrol
4 The quality of petrol is expressed by – Octane number
5 Cetane number is used as a quality parameter mainly for – Diesel
6 The fuel used in a diesel engine – Vapour of diesel and air
7 Cooking gas is mainly – Methane
8 Which gases, released from a biogas plant is used as a fuel gas? Methane
9 Biogas mainly consists of – Carbon dioxide and Methane
10 The main component of biogas is – Methane
11 The main component of Gobar Gas is – Methane
12 What is the procedure for a biogas plant – Fermentation
13 Who invented the ‘Gobar Gas’ system? S.V. Desai
14 The gas emitted from rice fields is – Methane
15 The main components of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) are – Ethane, Propane and Butane
16 What is the main constituent of LPG? Butane
17 LPG used as domestic fuel mainly contains – Butane
18 Indane gas is a mixture of – Butane and Propane
19 The stench due to leakage from the LPG cylinder is because of – Ethyl mercaptan
20 The Pressure gauge is not given in the domestic LPG cylinders because –
They cannot represent the quantity of gas in LPG cylinders
21 In what form cooking gas is supplied in cylinders? Liquid
22 CNG is – Compressed Natural Gas
23 CNG used in automobiles to check pollution mainly consists of – CH4
24 What is the main component of natural gas? Methane
25 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is mainly – Methane
26 Oxygen is absent in – Kerosene
27 Gasohol is – Ethyl alcohol + Petrol
28 To avoid ‘knocking’ on the engine of a car, which one of the following is used as an anti-knocking agent? Tetraethyl Lead
29 Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) is added to petrol – To increase its anti-knocking rating
30 What is used as an anti-freeze for automobile engines? Ethylene glycol
31 Diesel used in heavy vehicles for – High power and economic saving
32 Hydrogen gas can be conveniently used as a fuel for running vehicles if it is absorbed at a very low temperature by a substance only to be released at the temperature generated by the exhaust. What is that substance found in India? Hydride
33 What is the by-product derived from the refining process of petroleum? Asphalt
34 ‘Hydrocarbon Vision 2025’ is associated with – Storage of petroleum products