Organic Acids One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The sensation of fatigue in the muscles after prolonged strenuous physical work is caused by– The accumulation of lactic acid
2 Accumulation of in the muscles leads to fatigue? Lactic acid
3 Lemon is citrus due to – Citric acid
4 Which acid is mainly found in lemons? Citric acid
5 Milk openly placed for some becomes sour due to Lactic acid
6 Curd making is an ancient “Biotechnological” process involving : Bacteria
7 The predominant organic acid in grapes is – Tartaric acid
8 For human nutrition, tomatoes are a rich source of Citric acid
9 Which acid is used in photography– Oxalic acid
10 Which acids is used in the manufacturing of baking powder? Tartaric Acid
11 Which acid is found in Vinegar? Acetic acid