Alloys One Liner Questions & Answers


S.R. NO Questions Answers
1 Galvanized iron pipes have a coating of – Zinc
2 The plates of galvanized iron remain protected from rust because of the existence of – Zinc
3 What is essential in the corrosion of iron metal? Oxygen and moisture
4 Which metal is generally used for coating brass utensils to prevent copper contamination? Tin
5 The aluminium surface is often ‘Anodized’. This means the deposition of a layer of – Aluminium Oxide
6 Alloy of which metal is used to make aeroplanes and parts of the compartments of the train? Aluminium
7 Mercury-metal mixture is – Mercury mixed alloy
8 Which metals does not form amalgam? Iron
9 Solder used in soldering metal pieces is an alloy of – Tin and Lead
10 Bronze is an alloy of – Copper and Tin
11 Bronze is an alloy of copper and – Tin
12 The percentage of Silver in German Silver is – 0%
13 Which elements is not present in the German Silver? Aluminium
14 Which alloys has a maximum percentage of Copper? Bronze
15 Which metal exists as a common component in Brass, Bronze and German Silver? Copper
16 Brass is an alloy of – Copper and Zinc
17 Brass is a combination of what metals? Copper and Zinc
18 Brass gets a faded colour in the air due to the presence of – Hydrogen Sulphide
19 Combination of which substance in the alloy renders stainless steel non-magnetic? Nickel
20 To make the steel hard requires an increase in – The quantity of Carbon
21 What elements are added to iron to produce steel that can resist high temperatures, and have high hardness and abrasion resistance? Chromium
22 The important metal used with iron to make it rust-free – Chromium
23 Steel is further processed to obtain stainless steel by adding some elements – Silicon
24 The important metal used with iron to produce stainless steel is – Chromium
25 How much carbon does steel contain? 0.1–2%
26 In the case of rusting, the weight of iron – Increases