Metals, Minerals, Ores : Properties, Uses One Liner Questions & Answers


S.R. NO Questions Answers
1 Which is the most reactive metal? Potassium
2 Which pairs of metals constitutes the lightest metal and the heaviest metal, respectively? Lithium and Osmium
3 What is the hardest metal? Tungsten
4 What is the naturally occurring hardest substance on the earth? Wurtzite boron nitride
5 Which materials is very hard and very ductile? Nichrome
6 The heaviest natural element is? Uranium
7 The chemical structure of the pearl is – Calcium Carbonate
8 The main constituents of pearl are – Aragonite and Conchiolin
9 Pearl is mainly constituted of – Calcium Carbonate
10 What are Rubies and Sapphires chemically known as? Aluminium Oxide
11 The chemical formula of sapphire (Ruby) is Al2O3
12 Which elements is kept safely in Kerosene oil? Sodium
13 Sodium Vapor Lamp is usually used as street light, because –
Light from this is monochromatic and will not split through water droplets
14 Which metals is accessed in the native state? Gold
15 Gold is dissolved in – Aqua regia
16 Of how many carats is the pure gold? 24
17 Minerals are- Inorganic solids
18 The softest mineral, Talc (Soapstone) is mainly Magnesium Silicate
19 The chemical name of limestone is? Calcium Carbonate
20 ‘Plaster of Paris’ is made up of – Gypsum
21 To protect broken bones, Plaster of Paris is used. It is – Gypsum
22 Chemically ‘Plaster of Paris’ is – Calcium Sulphate
23 The chemical formula of the Plaster of Paris is – CaSO4ò H2O
24 Doctors, Artists, and Sculptors use Calcium Sulphate which is popularly known as – Plaster of Paris
25 Which materials contains calcium? Gypsum
26 Monazite is an ore of – Thorium
27 Mica is a – Good conductor of heat and bad conductor of electricity
28 In which industries is mica used as a raw material – Electrical
29 Which liquid is the best conductor of heat? Mercury
30 Which metals is liquid at ordinary temperature? Mercury
31 Which is in liquid form at room temperature? Francium
32 Mercury is basically used in thermometer devices because its especially is – High circulation power
33 Iron is obtained from – Haematite
34 Which ‘materials has the highest electrical conductivity ? Silver
35 What is mainly used for the production of Aluminium? Bauxite
36 Bauxite is the ore of – Aluminium
37 Aluminium metal is obtained from – Bauxite
38 Which materials has the highest electrical conductivity? Silver
39 Which is mainly used for the production of Aluminium? Bauxite
40 Bauxite, is an ore of which metals? Aluminium
41 Aluminium metal is obtained from – Bauxite
42 What has the highest melting point? Boron