Sound One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The sound will have the highest velocity in – Steel
2 The velocity of sound in air is approximately – 343 m/sec.
3 The velocity of sound is maximum in – Metal
4 If Va, Vw, and Vs respectively are the speed of sound in air, water, and steel, then – Va < Vw < Vs
5 In which medium the speed of sound is maximum at a temperature of around 20°C? Iron
6 Sound waves – Can travel both in solid and gaseous mediums.
7 Sound waves travel fastest in – Solids
8 Sound waves do not travel in – Vacuum
9 The walls of the hall, built for music concerts should – Absorb sound
10 To hear a clear echo, the minimum distance between the reflecting surface and the observer should be – 16.5 meter
11 How much should the minimum distance be between the source of sound and the reflecting surface, so that an echo can be heard clearly? 17 metre
12 One important characteristic of sound is ‘Pitch’, which depends upon – Frequency
13 Two astronauts cannot hear each other on the moon’s surface, because – No atmosphere on the moon
14 An astronaut cannot hear his companion at the surface of the moon because – There is no medium for sound propagation
15 Ultrasonics are sound waves of frequency – Greater than 20,000 Hz
16 What is the audible range (hearing range) of humans? 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
17 A biotechnique in which ultrasonic sound is used – Sonography
18 Bats can fly during dark nights and also prey. This is because –
They produce ultrasonic waves and are guided by them
19 In Stethoscope, the sound of the patient’s heartbeat reaches the doctor’s ears by – Multiple reflections of sound
20 Decibel is used to measure – Sound in the atmosphere
21 A noise level of 100 decibels would correspond to – Noise from a machine shop
22 As per the WHO, the safe noise level for a city is – 45 db
23 The tolerable limit of noise for human being is around – 85 decibel
24 Sound above what level (in decibels) is considered hazardous noise pollution? 80 db
25 The optimum sound level for human beings is – 60 db
26 When a sound wave goes from one medium to another, the quantity that remains unchanged is – Frequency
27 When the same tone is played on a sitar and a flute, the sound produced can be distinguished from each other because of the difference in – Quality only
28 The basic units of sound are called – Phonemes
29 When T.V. is switched on – Audio and video both start simultaneously
30 In television broadcasts, the picture signals are transmitted by – Amplitude modulation
31 The technique used to transmit audio signals in television broadcasts is – Frequency modulation