Measurement/Unit One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The unit of power is – Watt
2 The unit of the force is – Newton
3 The unit of work is – Joule
4 Frequency is measured in – Hertz
5 What is measured in hertz? Frequency
6 The SI unit of electrical resistivity of the conductor is – Ohm
7 Light-year is the unit of – Distance
8 A light-year is the – Distance travelled by light in one year
9 A parsec, a unit of distance used to measure the distance related to the stars in the sky, is equal to – 3.25 light-years
10 PARSEC is the unit of – Distance
11 Which unit of measurement is multiplied by 0.39 to convert it to ‘inches’? Centimetre
12 How can the height of a person who is six feet tall, be expressed (approximately) in nanometre? 183 × 107nm
13 A nanometre is equal to – 10–7 cm
14 Ampere is the unit of – Electric current
15 Megawatt is the measuring unit of power which is – Generated
16 How many watts are there in a horsepower? 746
17 Angstrom is a unit of – Wavelength
18 ‘Joule’ is related to energy in the same way as ‘Pascal’ is related to – Pressure
19 One micron is equal to – 1/1000 mm
20 One micron represents a length of – 10-4 cm
21 A distance of 1 km. means – 1000 m.
22 One pikogram is equal to – 10–12 gram
23 Pascal is a unit of measuring – Pressure
24 What is the unit of pressure? Newton / sq. metre
25 What is the unit of atmospheric pressure? Bar
26 1 kg/cm² pressure is equivalent to – 1.0 bar
27 The smallest unit of length is – Fermimetre
28 What is measured in cusec? Flow of water
29 Which is the unit of measure of the thickness of the ozone layer of the atmosphere? Dobson
30 ‘Dobson’ Unit is used for the measurement of – Thickness of the Ozone layer