Computer and Information Technology (Part I) One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The first Computer was made by – Charles Babbage
2 To safeguard against cyber attacks and threats of data theft, the ‘Centre for Development of Advanced Computing’ has developed a new software called – NAYAN
3 Who invented the electronic computer? Dr. Alan M. Turing
4 The digital computer was developed in – Britain
5 The first digital computer built with IC chips is known as – IBM System/360
6 The main board of the computer is known as – Motherboard
7 A pen drive is – A removable secondary storage unit
8 Mouse is – Input Device
9 Which is the most common ‘input device’ used today? Keyboard
10 The most common input device used today is – Mouse
11 The body of the mouse used in computers was designed about 40 years ago. Then it was made of – Wood
12 After the double click of the mouse, the information goes to – C.P.U.
13 In which port do you plug in the cable of your keyboard? USB Port
14 A network of networks is simply called – Internet
15 What is the Internet?
An international computer-based information network.
16 Slowest Internet connection service is – Dial-up Service
17 The first page that you normally view on any website is known as? Home page
18 The internet works on – Packet switching only
19 IPv6 protocol defines an IP address of – 128 bit
20 ‘Bluetooth’ technology allows – Wireless communication between equipment
21 What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices?
Bluetooth uses a 2.4 GHz radio frequency band whereas Wi-Fi can use 2.4 GHz or 5GHz frequency band.
22 The first railway station in the country to provide Google’s free public Wi-Fi service is – Mumbai Central Railway Station
23 The computer system that links and stores information among different countries in the world through a satellite is known as – Nicnet
24 What is a ‘Virtual Private Network’?
It is a computer network across a public internet that allows users to access their organization’s network while maintaining the security of the information transmitted.
25 The layer between the Physical and the network is known as? Data Link Layer
26 Talaash is –
A multimedia portal on the Internet and optical character recognition (OCR) software in Devanagari developed by C-DAC.
27 India manufactured supercomputer ‘PARAM’ in – Pune
28 The first indigenously developed Indian supercomputer is named as – Param
29 The name of the Indian Supercomputer is – Pratyush
30 Who is known as the father of the Indian supercomputer? Vijay Bhatkar
31 Word length for supercomputer ranges up to – 64 bits
32 Which is the largest, fastest, and costliest computer? Supercomputer
33 The world’s fastest computer has been able to perform (as of Dec. 1996) – 1012 operations per second
34 The supercomputer ‘Magic Cube’ inaugurated has been prepared by which country? China
35 Which is the smallest and fastest computer imitating brain working – Quantum computer
36 Y2K problem relates to –
To find a suitable replacement when the last two digits of the year become zero.
37 At the end of this century, there will be great difficulty in the use of existing equipment and heavy expenditure will be required to rectify them. They are – Computers
38 W.L.L. Means – Wireless in the local loop
39 Which type of computers are the most widely used? Microcomputers
40 Which type of computer could be found in a digital watch? Embedded computer
41 Which printer is usually used for desktop printing? Laser printer
42 Daisy wheel printer is a type of – Impact Printer
43 WWW on the Internet stands for – World Wide Web
44 Who, is considered the inventor of the World Wide Web (www)? Tim Berners-Lee
45 The World Wide Web (www) is a hypermedia system because – It links to other computer resources
46 A set of rules that governs data communication is called – Protocols
47 The set of protocols, which define all transmission exchanges across the internet is called – TCP/IP
48 Junk e-mail is also called – Spam
49 Sending an identical e-mail message repeatedly to a particular address by any abuser is called – E-mail Bombing
50 DuckDuckGo is a – Search engine
51 Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by – Microsoft
52 Yahoo, Google, and MSN are – Internet sites
53 Which web browser was developed by Google? Chrome
54 Web Crawler is also known as – Web Spider
55 In the field of computers, 9IRUS stands for – Vital Information Resource Under Siege
56 Computer virus is a – Software program
57 An Internationally disruptive software that spreads from computer to computer is known as – Virus
58 A computer virus is a – Destructive program
59 A firewall is used in the Communication Network/system for protection from – Unauthorized attack
60 One of the first viruses to attract widespread public attention was designed to infect MS-DOS on 6th March 1992. The name of the virus is – Michael Angelo
61 The ‘Stuxnet’ worm detected in the computers of Iran is –
A malicious program to sabotage nuclear centrifuges.
62 The terms ‘WannaCry, Petya, and EternalBlue’ sometimes mentioned in the news recently are related to – Cyberattacks
63 American Television and Telegraph has developed such computer procedure which gives a multi-user environment, it is called – Unix
64 MS-DOS was first released in – 1981