Physical and Chemical Changes, Solution One Liner Questions & Answers


S.R. NO Questions Answers
1 The change of water into the vapour is called – Physical
2 What is an example of chemical change– Softening of vegetables when cooked
3 What form of energy is produced in the decomposition of water? Heat
4 Pasteurization is related to – Sterilization of milk
5 Because of impurities the boiling point of a liquid – Increases
6 Milk is an example of – An emulsion
7 Which type of colloidal system is expressed in the fog – Liquid in a gas
8 If an unsaturated sugar solution is prepared by mixing 100 grams of sugar with half a litre of water, which of the following physical quantities will not change? Volume
9 After cutting the cucumber if salt is added, then water comes out due to – Osmosis
10 The technique of chromatography is used to – Separate the substances from a mixture
11 The process of solid camphor into camphor vapour is called – Sublimation
12 A sample of any of the following substances disappears after some time when exposed to air like camphor, naphthalene or dry ice. This phenomenon is called – Sublimation
13 A mixture of sand and naphthalene can be separated by – Sublimation