Alcohol – Old Year Questions

1. Ethyl alcohol is made unfit for drinking by the addition of the following :

(a) Potassium Cyanide
(b) Methanol and Pyridine
(c) Acetic acid and Pyridine
(d) Naphthalene

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 1999]


2. The offending substance in the liquor tragedies leading to blindness etc. is –

(a) Ethyl alcohol
(b) Amyl alcohol
(c) Benzyl alcohol
(d) Methyl alcohol

[I.A.S. (Pre) 1996]


3. Which one of the following is also known as ‘wood spirit’?

(a) Methyl alcohol
(b) Ethyl alcohol
(c) Ethylene glycol
(d) Glycerol

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2015]


4. Fermentation of sugar leads to –

(a) Ethyl alcohol
(b) Methyl alcohol
(c) Acetic acid
(d) Chlorophyll

[47th B.P.S.C. (Pre) 2005]


5. Glucose is converted to ethyl alcohol by the enzyme

(a) maltase
(b) invertase
(c) zymase
(d) diastase
(e) None of the above / More than one of the above

[66th B.P.S.C. (Pre) 2020]


6. To whom is molasses are excellent raw material for production?

(a) Glycerin
(b) Urea
(c) Alcohol
(d) Paraffin

[Chhattisgarh P.C.S. (Pre) 2005]

7. Alcohol that is derived from the fermentation of germinated barley grains is known as:

(a) Beer
(b) Wine
(c) Vodka
(d) Rum

[U.P. R.O./A.R.O. (Mains) 2016]


8. The breath test conducted by police to check drunken drivers has which one of the following on the filter paper?

(a) Potassium dichromate-sulfuric acid
(b) Potassium permanganate-sulfuric acid
(c) Silica gel coated with silver nitrate
(d) Turmeric
(e) None of the above / More than one of the above

[66th B.P.S.C. (Pre) 2020]