Biology – Miscellaneous Topics One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 ‘Red Ribbon Express’ is a visual and moving medium for – Awareness about AIDS
2 ‘SANRAKSHA’ is – AIDS Research and Control Project (Bengaluru)
3 ‘AVAHAN’ the Indian segment of ‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’, is engaged in the prevention of – HIV/AIDS
4 NACO is an organization dealing with – AIDS
5 ‘Mission Indradhanush’ of the Union Government is related to – Immunization of children against seven vaccine–preventable diseases
6 The mission ‘Indradhanush’ launched by the Government of India is in connection with – Immunization of children
7 Mission Indradhanush Campaign in India is associated with – Vaccination of children
8 National Family Health Survey (NFHS)–5 does not include – HIV Test
9 Cholesterol is a – Fatty alcohol found in animal fat
10 Abnormal level of cholesterol is related to – Arteries blockage
11 Doctors recommend that we should cook our food in oil rather than in vanaspati ghee because – Oil contains unsaturated fats
12 Trans fat is generally considered to be bad for human health because it lowers the level of – HDL
13 Which vegetable oil is suitable for heart patients? Sunflower Oil
14 Iodine is obtained from – Laminaria
15 A group of archaebacteria is used in the production of – Methane
16 An organism involved in the fermentation of toddy is – Saccharomyces
17 Which yeast is used for commercial production of ethanol? Saccharomyces cerevisiae
18 A microbe commonly used for alcoholic fermentation in the wine industry is a – Yeast
19 Biomagnification means – Increasing amount of pesticides in the organisms of successive tropic level
20 Generally, Orobanche weed is found in – Tobacco field
21 Information about local flora can be obtained from – Herbarium
22 In July 2004, where is the world’s largest session of HIV/ AIDS organized in the world? Bangkok
23 1 December, is celebrated every year as – World AIDS Day
24 Which date is known as ‘Diabetes Day’? 14th November
25 About whom is said ‘India’s large wild cats’ have recently become extinct? Cheetah
26 Diseases of the inner parts of the human body are diagnosed through – Endoscope
27 Which type is used by Computed Tomography for visualization of the internal structure of the human body? X–rays
28 Brain diseases are diagnosed by – E.E.G.
29 E.E.G. records the activity of – Brain
30 E.E.G. is done to record the working of – Brain
31 The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is based on the phenomenon of – Nuclear magnetic resonance
32 MRI is a diagnostic tool, which means – Magnetic Resonance Imaging
33 BMD test is held for diagnosis of – Osteoporosis
34 BMD test is performed for – Osteoporosis
35 What is the full form of the BMD test? Bone Mineral Density
36 What is lithotripsy? Breaking of kidney stone through rays
37 Electron beam therapy is a kind of radiation therapy in treat – Certain types of cancer
38 In living beings, nutrition, respiration, and synthesis are the three major aspects of – Metabolism
39 Another name for artificial silk is – Rayon
40 Silk fiber, hairs, nails, and claws are made of – Keratin
41 Bull semen for the purpose of artificial insemination is stored in – Liquid Nitrogen
42 Kadaknath is a breed of – Fowl
43 The ‘Rashtriya Gokul Mission’ announced by the Union Government aims at – Protecting the indigenous breeds of cows
44 The gas used as a mild anesthetic in hospitals is – Nitrous oxide
45 Recently developed technique for monitoring fetal growth is – Ultrasonics
46 Indian Veterinary Research Institute is located at – Bareilly
47 ‘Indian Veterinary Research Institute’ is located at – Bareilly
48 CDRI (India) is located at – Lucknow
49 Survey of India is under the ministry of – Science and Technology
50 The headquarters of Survey of India is located in – Dehradun
51 ICAR’s Central Institute for Research on goats was established at – Mukhdoom, Mathura
52 Where is the High–Security Animal Disease Laboratory located in India? Bhopal
53 The National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped is situated at – Hyderabad
54 Where is the National Institute of Virology situated? Pune
55 DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics Research Centre is situated at – Hyderabad
56 The National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources is located at – New Delhi
57 The world’s first camel hospital is located in which city? Dubai
58 In which Indian city the first dianosaurium has been opened? Hyderabad
59 Headquarters of ‘World Health Organization’ – Geneva
60 Where was the first Dental College of the country founded? Calcutta (Kolkata)
61 What is the average speed of a bee? 16 km/h
62 How do the members of a honey–bee hive recognize each other? By Smell
63 The Nobel Prize for deciphering the language of bees was awarded to – K.V. Frisch
64 Which one is a stimulant? Cigarette
65 A small pouch containing silica gel is often found in bottles of medicine in tablet or powder form because of silica gel – Absorbs moisture
66 For outstanding contribution to which fields in the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Prize was given? Science
67 In eye donation, which parts of the donor’s eyes are utilized? Cornea
68 The first heart transplant was performed by – Dr. Christian Bernard
69 Who among them had performed the world’s first heart transplant? Christian Bernard
70 The first human heart transplant was performed in – South Africa
71 What is Jarvik–7? Artificial Heart
72 What is the function of a pacemaker? It Regulates Heartbeat
73 The ‘Pace Maker’ is also known as – S.A. Nodes
74 A man feels unpleasant due to humidity and heat. The reason for this is – Sweat does not evaporate due to humidity
75 During dehydration, the substance that is usually lost by the body is – Sodium chloride
76 A dehydrated person should not drink – Seawater
77 What percentage of alcohol in human blood causes death? 5
78 In which faculty is scientist Evan Pavlov known? Experimental Psychology
79 Normally the pitch of females is – More than that of males
80 The largest flower in the world is – Rafesia
81 Who discovered that plants and trees also have life? J.C. Bose
82 In cold storages decomposition of fruits and vegetables – Gets Retarded
83 Camels use their hump for – Storage of fat
84 Which animal can not digest fibers properly? Pig
85 What does the philatelist do? Collects stamps
86 A biojector is – A Painless needleless injector
87 Who discovered bacteria? Leeuwenhoek
88 Jonas Salk is known for the discovery of – Polio vaccine
89 Which scientist has propounded the ‘erosional cycle’? Davis
90 Auxanometer is used – To measure the rate of growth
91 A person of mixed European and Indian blood in Latin America is called – Mestizo
92 The age of most ancient mountain group is assessed by – Uranium–Lead process
93 Carbon dating is used to determine the age of – Fossils
94 The age of the tree, in years, can be ascertained by – The number of its annular rings
95 Liver fluke in bile duct remains in – Sheep
96 Estuaries possess distinct blooms of excessive growth of pigmented dinoflagellates. These blooms are – Red tides
97 Phytotron is a facility to – Grow Plants Under Controlled Conditions
98 Polyhouse is used for – Growing plants
99 Angora wool is extracted from – Rabbit
100 Angora wool is obtained from a breed of – Rabbit
101 Some marine animals and insects emit light from their body in the darkness. This phenomenon is known as – Bioluminescence
102 High–yielding advanced seeds were used in the ‘Green Revolution’, for which the necessary is – More fertilizer and more water
103 Which was the principal plant used in the Green Revolution? Mexican Wheat
104 ‘Dapog’ method of rice nursery was developed in – Philippines
105 The first dwarf rice variety developed in India was – Jaya
106 Which component of plants receives stimulus for flowering? Leaves
107 Insectivorous fish used for mosquito control are – Gambusia
108 The release of which in ponds and wells helps in controlling mosquitoes? Gambusia Fish
109 Active acquired immunity is the result of the production of – Antibodies
110 The first country to impose a ban on the sale of tobacco and its products is – Bhutan
111 Which planets may be suitable for the existence of life? Mars
112 Development of the natural systems is described as follows – Self–sustained process of the systems
113 The knowledge that we gain from school is called – Semantic Memory
114 Mental activity, that goes on in the brain when a person is processing information, is called – Thinking