Main Plant Diseases One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Which element deficiency causes chlorosis in maize plant? Zinc
2 White tip of maize leaves indicates the deficiency of – Zn
3 White Bud disease in plant is caused by deficiency of – Zinc
4 Pyrilla is pest of which crop? Sugarcane
5 White rust is prominent fungal disease of – Mustard
6 Two common fungal diseases of wheat are – Black rust & smut
7 Karnal Bunt is a disease of – Wheat Crop
8 Tungro virus of rice is spread by – Green Leafhoppers
9 What causes ‘Blackheart’ in potato? Oxygen Deficiency
10 Yellow vein mosaic disease in okra, caused by – Whitefly
11 ‘Yellow Vein Mosaic’ is a serious disease of – Okra
12 ‘Spongy Tissue’ is a serious disorder hampering the export of mango variety. It is – Alphonso