Ways to recycle & reuse plastic waste


  • Plastic indifferent forms is found to be almost 5% in municipal solid waste, which istoxic in nature.
  • It is a common sight in both urban and rural areas to findempty plastic bags and other type of plastic packing material littering theroads as well as drains.
  • Due to its non-biodegradability it creates stagnation of water and associated hygiene problems.
  • The indiscriminate burning of plastic results in emission of deadly gases and carcinogens into the environment.
  • Dumping them in landfills results in leaching of toxins into ground and surface water resources. 
  • Recycling is the only option to handle plastic waste at present.

Recycling Plastic waste

  1. Plastic waste to decontaminate water
  • Plastic waste can be used to develop  a low-cost magnetically responsive adsorbent material which can be used to remove an antibiotic cephalexin from water.
  • Upcycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste into a magnetically responsive carbon nano-material by carbonization and activation of the PET char under controlled conditions and magnetic modification by a simple chemical precipitation route.
  • This technique of magnetic separation for spent adsorbent decreases the secondary pollution problems associated with the non-magneto active adsorbents.

   2.Plastic waste for rural road construction

  • Union Ministry of Rural Development has even recommended and issued guidelines to construct roads in rural areas of the plastic waste.
  • waste plastic, when added to hot aggregate will form a finecoat of plastic over the aggregate and such aggregate, when mixed with thebinder is found to give higher strength, higher resistance to water and betterperformance over a period of time.
  • Therefore, it is proposed that we may use waste plastic in the construction of Rural Roads.
  • Plastic Roads, are found to perform better compared to those constructed with conventional bitumen. Further it has been found that such roads were not subjected to stripping when come in contact with water.

Reference: Down to Earth

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Q: Recycling is the only option to handle plastic waste at present. Examine the different ways through which plastic waste can be used to clean environment.

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