Vitamins and Nutrition One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Nutraceuticals are products which have – Nutrient and medicinal effect
2 Funk invented – Vitamins
3 What are vitamins? Organic Compound
4 Which groups of compounds is called an ‘accessory dietary factor’? Vitamins
5 Which are water-soluble vitamins? Vitamin B and C
6 Living organisms require at least 27 elements, of which, 15 are metals. Among these, those required in major quantities include – Potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium
7 Apples have special value for heart patients because they are a rich source of – Potassium only
8 How do antioxidants help a person maintain health and promote longevity? They neutralize the free radicals produced in the body during metabolism.
9 What is the role of anti-oxidants in the human system? They protect cells against the effects of free radicals.
10 The vitamin which is found in citrus fruits is necessary for maintaining healthy skin is – Vitamin C
11 The main source of Vitamin ‘C’ is – Raw and fresh fruits
12 The best source of Vitamin C is – Gooseberry
13 Which fruit is the richest source of Vitamin C? Amla
14 The chemical name of Vitamin C is – Ascorbic Acid
15 The richest source of Vitamin ‘C’ is – Orange
16 Which vitamins is helpful for the healing of a wound? C
17 Vitamin ‘C’ helps in the absorption of which of the following elements? Iron
18 Which vitamins do not get stored in the body? Vitamin C
19 Which vitamin deficiency causes the disease of slow blood coagulation? Vitamin K
20 Which vitamins is mainly responsible for blood coagulation in human beings? Vitamin K
21 Which vitamin is responsible for blood clotting? Vitamin K
22 Which vitamins are effective in blood clotting? Vitamin K
23 Which vitamins are used as an antidote to anticoagulant poisons? Vitamin K
24 The source of vitamin D is – Sun rays
25 The vitamin available from sun rays is – Vitamin D
26 Which vitamin is formed in the skin in the presence of sunlight? Vitamin D
27 The Deficiency of Vitamin D causes the disease – Rickets & Osteoporosis
28 What is found in the composition of vitamin D? Calciferol
29 Which vitamins is known as ergocalciferol? Vitamin D2
30 The common name of the chemical compound ‘Cholecalciferol’ is – Vitamin D
31 Deficiency of which vitamin can cause night blindness? Vitamin A
32 In the human body, vitamin A is stored in – Liver
33 Which one of the contains more vitamin A content? Carrot
34 Which is the richest source of vitamin A? Mango
35 Which vitamin is essential for normal vision? Retinol
36 Which vitamin contain cobalt – Vitamin B12
37 Which metal is present in the vitamin B12? Cobalt
38 Cobalt is present in which vitamin? Vitamin B12
39 Cyanocobalamin is – Vitamin B12
40 Thiamine is – Vitamin B1
41 A person will suffer from beriberi, rickets, and scurvy if he is not taking adequate amounts of – Vitamins B1, D, and C
42 Which vitamins are helpful in keeping a dream in memory for a longer duration? Vitamins B6
43 Riboflavin deficiency causes which of the following diseases? Cheilosis
44 Bananas accepted as most calories fruit has what amount of calories per 100 gm – 116 Kcal
45 Legumes are highly nutritious because they are rich in – Protein
46 The highest protein content is found in – Soyabean
47 Which food grains is richest in protein? Soyabean
48 The highest protein content is found in the grain of – Soyabean
49 A rich source of both protein and fat is – Groundnut
50 The substance responsible for bread-making quality in wheat is – Glutein
51 Daily energy required by a hard worker man is – 4000-kilo calorie
52 How many calories are gained by drinking a glass of water? Zero
53 An essential constituent of diet is – Carbohydrate
54 The major food fuel during exercise of long duration is – Carbohydrate
55 The element that maintains a balance between acidity and alkalinity in our body is – Phosphorus
56 Which vegetable is a rich source of iron? Spinach
57 Iron content is found maximum in – Green vegetables
58 Grains of basmati rice get elongated on being cooked because of a higher content of – Amylose
59 The saccharide present in milk is – Lactose
60 Which bacteria cause milk to spoil? Lactobacillus
61 What converts milk into curd? Bacteria
62 Cow’s milk is slightly yellow in color due to the presence of – Carotene
63 Cow milk is yellowish-white in color due to the presence of – Carotene together with casein
64 What is the average fat content of buffalo milk? 7.20%
65 Rennin and lactase, the enzymes required to digest milk, disappear in the human body by the age of – Eight
66 Milk protein is digested by which of the following enzymes – Rennin
67 Casein is milk – Protein
68 The white color of milk is due to the presence of – Casein
69 Which proteins is found in milk? Casein
70 The tissues are formed in the body by Protein
71 The slow growth of the human body is caused due to the deficiency of what? Proteins
72 Which one is not micronutrient? Sulphur
73 Which is the main vitamin found in Papaya? Vitamin ‘C’
74 What is not a natural source of Vitamin A? Milk
75 What does not denature a protein? Infrared rays
76 Protein requirements of young and old people are – Higher in the old and lower in the young
77 Daily intake of proteins, recommended for a moderately active woman is – 45 g
78 How much protein a lactating mother requires in a daily diet? 70 grams
79 Mother’s milk provides an almost complete diet for the new-born, but it lacks – Iron
80 Besides proteins and carbohydrates, other elements of nutritional value found in milk, include – Calcium and potassium
81 Starch is a – Polysaccharide
82 Linseed is a rich source of – Omega-3 fatty acid
83 Which eatables is the best source of all the essential amino acids? Egg
84 Fat present below the skin surface in our body acts as a barrier against – Loss of heat from the body
85 In which category of food is the most amount of calories per unit – Fats
86 The substance which makes up about 80 of the living material in most organisms is – Protein
87 Consumption of fish is considered to be healthy when compared to the flesh of other animals because fish contains – Polyunsaturated fatty acids
88 What is triglyceride? Fats