Circulatory System One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 How many times, a healthy person’s average heart beats in a minute – 72 times
2 When does heart rest ? Between two beats
3 How many chambers are there in heart? 4
4 Heart beats are caused by an electrical current that originates in the – Heart
5 The pulse in the human wrist beats – At the same rate as the heart
6 The total volume of blood in a normal adult human being is – 5-6 litres
7 The total amount of blood present in a normal human (70 kg) adult is about – 6000 ml & 5000 ml
8 Blood is – Connective tissue
9 What is haemoglobin ? Substance found in human blood
10 The function of haemoglobin in body is – Transport of Oxygen
11 Myoglobin contains the metal – Iron
12 Due to which the blood has red colour – Haemoglobin
13 Red blood corpuscles (RBCs) has colour due to – Haemoglobin
14 What function does blood perform in the body? Takes oxygen to all parts
15 Average blood pressure of a human is – 120/80
16 The blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) of a healthy man is – 120 mm and 80 mm
17 Which instrument measures blood pressure – Sphygmomanometer
18 The blood pressure of an individual is 140mm Hg. In this statement, ‘Hg’ refers to – Mercury
19 When a person becomes older, his blood pressure generally – Increases
20 The blood pressure in our body is – Greater than the atmospheric pressure
21 Blood grouping was discovered by – Landsteiner
22 Rhfactor derives its name from a type of – Monkey
23 The blood group of universal donor is – O
24 For human blood transfusion, which blood group is known as a universal donor? O Group
25 Blood group AB can accept blood from a person of which blood group ? Any Group
26 A person with ‘AB’ blood group is sometimes called a universal recipient because of the – Lack of antibodies in his blood
27 A person meets with an accident and needs a blood transfusion but there is no time to check his blood group. Which blood groups could be given to him? O–
28 If the blood group of father is A and mother is ‘O’ then what will be the blood group of son – O
29 What is the pH level of blood of a normal person? 7.35 – 7.45
30 The pH value of blood is – 7.4
31 An antigen is a substance which – Stimulates formation of antibody
32 An antigen is a substance which – Triggers the immune system
33 What is the basic feature of antigen – It induces formation of antibodies
34 The main function of white blood cells is – To develop resistance towards disease
35 The immunity (defence) is mostly related with – Lymphocytes
36 The viscous nature of human blood is due to – Proteins in blood
37 The diameter of white blood corpuscles in human body is, about – 0.007 mm
38 In pathology excess of white corpuscles in the blood is called – Leukemia
39 In which part of our body are formed Red Blood Cells? Bone Marrow
40 Formation of WBC and destruction of RBC takes place in – Spleen
41 Lymphocytes cells are formed in which part of human body? Spleen
42 In which organ of the human body are the lymphocytes formed? The spleen is an organ found in many vertebrates and functions as a blood filter.
43 Arteries supplying blood to the heart are called – Coronary arteries
44 With which of the physiological process thrombin is associated? Blood clotting
45 The enzyme which takes part in changing fibrinogen to fibrin when blood clots are formed – Thrombin
46 Percentage of water in plasma is – 90%
47 With reference to the blood in a normal person, which one of the following statements is correct ? The blood has more platelets than WBC
48 Scientists of which country have developed an artificial blood that is a kind of plastic blood which could be given to any patient regardless of his blood group ? Britain