Nervous System One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 There are how many pairs of cranial nerves in human? 12
2 How many pairs of nerves arise from the spinal cord? 31
3 Where is the governing centre of reflex action located? In Spinal Cord
4 Which organs will not feel any pain on being pricked by a needle? Brain
5 In a human brain memory power is found in – Cerebrum
6 ‘Satiety’ and ‘thirst’ centres in humans are located in which of the following parts of the brain ? Hypothalamus
7 Body temperature is regulated by – Hypothalamus
8 The temperature of the human body – Neither decreases in winters nor increases in summers
9 The normal temperature of the human body is – 37º C
10 Which parts of the human brain are the regulating centers for swallowing and vomiting? Medulla Oblongata