The President One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 How is the President elected in India? By Indirect Election
2 The two Union Territories which have been given the right to take part in the election of the President of India by the 70th Amendment of the Indian Constitution, are – Delhi and Puducherry
3 The Chief Minister of a State in India is not eligible to vote in the Presidential election if –
He is a member of the Upper House of the State Legislature
4 Which article of the Indian Constitution prescribes eligibility conditions for re-election to the post of the President of India? Article 57
5 If there is any dispute regarding the Presidential election, it can be referred to – Supreme Court of India
6 When the President holds office for a term of 5 years? Which he enters upon his office/holds his office
7 To whom does the President of India address his resignation? Vice-President of India
8 Who can remove the President of India from his post? Parliament
9 At least how many days of prior notice is required for the impeachment of the President of India? 14 days
10 For how long can the Vice-President act as President when the President cannot perform his duties for reasons of death resignation, removal, or otherwise? Six months
11 In case the post of President of India falls vacant, and there is no Vice-President, who would be the acting President? Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
12 Who is the Executive Head of State in India? President
13 Which amendment to the Indian Constitution empowers the President to send back any matter for reconsideration by the Council of Ministers? 44th Amendment
14 The joint sitting of the House of People and the Council of States is summoned by – The President
15 The only instance when the President of India exercised his power of veto, is related to – The Indian PostOffice (Amendment) Bill
16 Which President exercised a power that is ‘Pocket veto’ in Constitutional terminology? Gyani Zail Singh
17 Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, does the President of India enjoy the power to withhold his assent to any Bill passed by both Houses of the Parliament? Article 111
18 On which matter, it is not essential for the President to take advice from the Council of Ministers? To assent to Bills
19 Under which Article of the Indian Constitution did the President give his assent to the Ordinance on electoral reforms when it was sent back to him by the Union Cabinet without making any changes (in the year 2002)? Article 123
20 An ordinance promulgated by the President must be placed before the Parliament within what time frame after the start of its session? 6 weeks
21 Who cannot be appointed by the president of india? Vice- President
22 The Constitution authorizes the President to make provisions for the discharge of duties of Governors in extraordinary circumstances under which article? Article 160
23 The Indian Constitution doesn’t empower the President of India with the right of – Appointment of Chief Minister in states
24 Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowers the President to consult the Supreme Court? Article 143
25 According to the Constitution, what is literally not a ‘Power’ of the President of India? To send messages to Houses of Parliament
26 The President of India does not have the right to remove – A judge of the Supreme Court
27 Which Article of the Indian Constitution mentions the ‘Doctrine of Pleasure’? Article 310
28 Which is not the Constitutional Prerogative of the President of India? Returning a financial bill for reconsideration
29 Who prepares the President’s address to Parliament? Central Cabinet
30 The first President of India Rajendra Prasad belonged to which State? Bihar
31 Who was the fourth President of India? Sri V.V. Giri
32 Which President of India completed two successive terms? Dr. Rajendra Prasad
33 Who was elected President of India unanimously? N. Sanjiva Reddy
34 Which Indian president also served as Speaker of Lok Sabha? Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
35 Among the President of India, who is known as the Philosopher King or the Philosopher Ruler? Dr. Radhakrishnan
36 Which President of India was associated with the Trade Union Movement? V. V. Giri
37 Which President of India was called the ‘Missile Man’? Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
38 Which Chief Justice of India also acted as the President of India? Justice M. Hidayatullah
39 What is the sequence number of Ms. Pratibha Patil as the President of the Republic of India? 12th
40 A Bill presented in Parliament becomes an Act after – The President has given his Assent
41 Who has the Constitutional Power to declare a geographical area as a ‘’Scheduled Area’’? President
42 What is the legislative power of the President according to the constitution? To promulgate ordinance
43 “He represents the nation but does not lead the nation”—this dictum applies to whom? President
44 Rashtrapati Bhavan was designed by – Edwin Lutyens