States and the Union Territories One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The Indian Parliament has the power to create a new state under which Constitutional provision? Article 3
2 Who is empowered to alter the boundaries of States under the Constitution of India? The Parliament
3 After Independence, in which year were the Indian States reorganized on a linguistic basis? 1956
4 According to Article 1 of the Indian Constitution, India is – The Union of States
5 A Bill for the purpose of creating a new State in India must be passed by – A simple majority in Parliament
6 Union Territories in India are administered by – The President
7 What is NOT possible by a law of Parliament under Article 3 of the Constitution? Admission of new States
8 If a new state is to be formed, which schedule of the constitution will need to be amended? First
9 How many seats are reserved for UTs in Lok Sabha? 20
10 How many States and UTs did the States Reorganisation Commission create in 1956? 14 States and 6 UTs
11 The number of Indian States after the formation of Telangana will be – 28
12 By which Constitutional amendment Delhi was given the status of National Capital Region? 69th
13 Sikkim became a state of India under – 35thAmendment
14 Which Constitutional Amendments integrated Sikkim as a full-fledged State of the Indian Union? 36th
15 In which year did the State of Jharkhand come into existence? 1, Nov 2000
16 Uttarakhand State was created in – The year 2000
17 Which State of India was formed in 1948? Himachal Pradesh
18 Bihar as an Indian State was formed in – 1912
19 ‘ULFA’ extremists are related to which state – Assam
20 ‘People’s War Group’ a terrorist organization is based in – Andhra Pradesh
21 The Kaveri River Water dispute is involved in which states?
Karnataka – Tamilnadu – Puducherry – Kerala
22 The Commission for Reorganisation of States on the Basis of Language was established in – 1953
23 The States were reorganized on the basis of language in – 1956
24 Which is the first-ever State constituted on a linguistic basis? Andhra Pradesh