Articles Of The Constitutions One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The Indian Constitution consists how many articles? More than 400 Articles
2 How many parts, Articles, and Schedules were there in the original Indian Constitution? 22 Parts, 395 Articles, and 8 Schedules
3 How many States and Union Territories were established by the 1956, State Restructuring Act? 14 States, 6 Union Territories
4 Total number of Schedules in the Constitution is – 12
5 The Indian Constitution is divided into how many parts? 22 Parts
6 Which part of the Constitution contains provisions relating to citizenship? Part II
7 Which part of our Constitution envisages a three-tier system of Panchayats? Part IX
8 Which part and chapter of the Indian Constitution deal with the legislative relation between the Union and the States? Part XI and Chapter I
9 If a new state of the Indian Union is to be created, which Schedules of the Constitution must be amended? First
10 Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of India deals with? Allocation of seats for the Council of States
11 Under which Schedule of the Constitution of India can be transfer of tribal land to private parties for mining be declared null and void? Fifth Schedule
12 Which languages is not included in the VIII Schedule of the Constitution? English
13 Coelho’s case is related to which Schedule of the Constitution of India? Ninth
14 To give constitutional protection, state land reform laws have been included in the – 9th Schedule
15 The Ninth Schedule was introduced in the Constitution of India during the prime ministership of – Jawaharlal Nehru
16 Under the Constitution of India, Economic Planning is a subject – In the Concurrent List
17 Prevention of cruelty to animals is listed in which list of the Indian Constitution? Concurrent List
18 What is the subject of the Concurrent List? Criminal Matters
19 Which Entry is the subject of the Concurrent List? Population control and family planning
20 Which List and Entry of the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution is related to the election of the legislature of the State? List–I, Entry 72, List -II, Entry 37
21 Which Subjects lies in the Concurrent List? Education
22 Education which was initially a state subject was transferred to the Concurrent List by the – 42th Amendment
23 Which Schedules of the Constitution of India contains provisions regarding Anti-defection law? Tenth Schedule
24 The Preamble to the Constitution of India is –
A part of the Constitution but has no legal effect independently of other parts
25 In which list of the Indian Constitution the ‘Panchayati Raj’ subject is included? State List
26 ‘Marriage,’ ‘Divorce’ and ‘Adoption’ are an entry in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution under which list? List III – Concurrent List
27 The right of the government to impose taxes and fees is provided in which List of Constitution? VII Schedule
28 Land Reform comes under the subjects of – State List
29 Which Schedule of the Constitution of India contains special provisions for the administration and control of Scheduled Areas in several states? Fifth Schedule
30 Provisions of Schedule sixth of the Constitution does not apply to which state? Manipur
31 The Constitutional status has been given to Panchayats under Article – 243
32 The provision that “no bill imposing tax can be introduced in the Legislature except on the recommendation of the President” is covered in the Constitution of India under which article? Article 117
33 Which articles of the Indian Constitution provides for All-Indian Services? Article 312
34 Under which Article of the Indian Constitution there is a provision for the High Courts for Union Territories? Article 241
35 In which article of the constitution Adult Suffrage is recognized? Article 326