The Bear’s Death List – Short Story

To smile and think about!

Sometimes there is an easy way to get out of a dicey situation. But unfortunately you only think of the most obvious solution at the very end. The following short story, which is also very good as a joke, is about a death list of a bear. All forest dwellers on it are threatened with death. Also the hare is on the list – but he finds a way to escape his fate.

Great excitement in the forest!
There is a rumour that the bear has a death list.

Everyone is wondering who is standing on it. First, the deer takes all his courage and goes to the bear and asks him: “Excuse me, bear, one question: Am I on your list too? “Yes,” says the bear, “you’re on my list too.”

Full of fear, the stag turns around and runs away. And indeed, after two days the stag is found dead.

The fear among the forest dwellers increases more and more and the rumour mill on the question of who is on the list bubbles.

The wild boar is the next animal to be torn by patience, and the bear is visited to ask if it would be on the list. “Yes, you are on my list too,” the bear answers. Scared away, the wild boar says goodbye to the bear. The wild boar was also found dead after two days.

Now panic breaks out among the forest inhabitants. Only the hare still dares to bear. “Hey bear, am I on your list too?” “Yes, you are on my list too!”

“Can you cross me off that list?”
“Yes of course, no problem!