The search for the true meaning of life

Through a near-death experience the whole life of our new guest author and writer Joachim Josef Wolf has changed completely. After a divorce and leaving management, he began self-study of his true self and the meaning of life. Exclusively he will delight us in regular sections with excerpts, quotations, sayings and poems from his book.

“Why me?” – Be honest, how many times in your life have you asked yourself this question? How many times have you fiddled with chance, your fate or “God” and wondered why this or that happened to you of all people?
“Why was I born into this family? – Why do I have this tyrant as father, this loveless woman as mother? Why must I of all people be unhappily in love or married? – Why am I so lonely or can’t find a partner who really loves me? – Why did I learn the wrong profession, a slave driver to the boss or these intriguing, mobbing colleagues at work? – Why does this evil neighbour live next to me who does not let me live in peace? – Why am I poor, unsuccessful and unlucky? – Why did I lose my beloved at my side, suffer this physical illness or suffer a burnout, depression or anxiety disorder due to psychological stress?”

Perhaps this book cannot give you all the answers to your questions. That would also be presumptuous and would not do justice to the claim of this work. So it is rather my intention to show you a way personally, so that you may find your answers to your questions now and in the future. This path, which can lead you to your healing and happiness through knowledge and awareness, is called the “Path of Knowledge”.

But without your soul, this unknown being, which the ancient Greeks called psyche, not only the path to knowledge towards your true “I am” will remain hidden to you, but also your personal answers to your very individual life questions.

And so I ask you, dear readers: Have you ever really thought intensively about your soul? Do you know who you really are and how your thinking, your subconscious and your awareness of reality work? Have you ever heard of soul-body language (psychosomatics) and the law of resonance and gravity? Do you know that you create your own little world and that everything happens according to your mind (Jesus) or that you are the result of what you thought (Buddha)? …

If your answer to one or more of these questions is No, you have chosen exactly the right book in search of your Path of Knowledge. But even if you think that you have already read all this in some other books and therefore know where to go with all the wish fulfillment theories, you should sit back and relax in your reading chair and read on. Because if you have read this preface up to this point at all, it means that you are still missing something to fulfill your needs, desires and healing…