Sulphur, Nitrogen, Halogen, Inert Gases One Liner Questions & Answers


1 Which gas is known as ‘noble gas’? Helium
2 Percentage amount (by volume) of which one of the following gases is lowest in the atmosphere? Carbon dioxide
3 What is the approximate percentage of Nitrogen present in the atmosphere? 78-79%
4 Which gas is not in the gaseous cycle? H2
5 Which of the gases is used for the respiratory activities of divers? Oxygen and Helium
6 Which gas is mixed with Oxygen for respiration by divers in the deep sea? Helium
7 What is the shape of the sulphur hexafluoride molecule? Octahedral
8 Easily soluble in water – Ammonia
9 Which is used as Laughing gas – Nitrous oxide
10 What is also called Stranger Gas? Xenon
11 Discharge of nitrogen causes –
The amount of nitrogen in the lithosphere and in the atmosphere is unchanged
12 The gas used to inflate the tyres of an aircraft is – Nitrogen
13 In order to compensate for the deficiency of which of the following elements, the insectivorous plants trap and eat insects? Nitrogen
14 The soil in which insectivorous plants grow is deficient in – Nitrogen
15 Which gas is usually filled in the balloon? Helium
16 Tear gas is – Chlorine
17 The gas used to inflate the tyres of an aircraft is – Nitrogen
18 The foul smell of dead fish is due to the compound – Amino compounds
19 What remains in a solid state at normal temperature? Iodine
20 The most reactive among the halogens is – Fluorine
21 Bromine is a – Red liquid
22 Which elements exists in a liquid state at room temperature? Bromine
23 The most commonly used substances in fluorescent tubes are – Mercury Vapor and Argon
24 Which gas is filled in normal tube lights? Mercury vapour with argon & Mercury vapour with neon
25 Which gas is filled at low pressure in a tube light? Neon and Mercury vapour