Sarvodaya philosophy of Gandhiji

Q1: What do you understand by the Sarvodaya philosophy of Gandhiji? Why is Sarvodaya relevant for civil servants in India?

गांधीजी के सर्वोदय दर्शन से आप क्या समझते हैं? भारत में लोक सेवकों के लिए सर्वोदय क्यों


Sarvodaya Philosophy of Gandhiji speaks about “UNIVERSAL UPLIFTMENT OF ALL’ It was borrowed by him from John Ruskin Unto the last. His philosophy or implies that all policies should be such that promote the welfare of all and not a fer, especially of those who are the least advantaged.

Sarvodaya Philosophy is very relevant for civil servants in India because civil servants must ensure implementation of government policies in such a way that they reach the weakest of all. This philosophy must be ingrained in the minds of all public officials so that while disbursing their duties they are always conscious of welfare of the poor masses.