Provincial Election and Formation of Cabinet (1937) One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The Provincial Governments were constituted under the Act of – 1935
2 In the 1937 elections, Congress secured a clear majority in the State numbering – Five
3 In which year the last election of the Indian Legislature under the Government of India Act, of 1919 was held? 1945
4 In how many provinces was the Congress ministry formed in the election of the year 1937? 6
5 The Tenure of the Congress ministries formed in the elections of 1937 after the Act of 1935 were – 28 Months
6 The Muslim League celebrated the day of Deliverance in – 1939
7 In which working Committee did Congress adopt the policy of abolishing land ownership? Working Committee, 1937
8 Who was entrusted with a finance portfolio in the ministry formed in the U.P. after the election of 1937? Rafi Ahmad Kidwai