Formation of Swaraj Party (1923) One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Who resigned from the presidency of the Congress to make the Swaraj Party? C.R. Das
2 Swaraj Party was formed after the failure of which movement? Non-Cooperation Movement
3 Swaraj Party was formed by – C.R.Das and Moti Lal Nehru
4 Who established Swaraj Dal in Bihar? Shri Krishna Singh
5 Who supported the Swaraj Party in the Central Legislative Assembly in pre-independent India? M.A. Jinnah
6 Who is known as ‘Deshbandhu’? Chitranjan Das
7 The famous slogan ‘Swaraj should be for common people not only for classes’ was given by – C.R. Das
8 When Congress leaders condemned the Montagu-Chelmsford Report, many moderates left the party to form the – Indian Liberal Federation
9 Who was the first Indian Speaker in the Central Legislative Assembly? Vithal Bhai J. Patel
10 Mahatma Gandhi presided over which Session of the Indian National Congress? 1924
11 Who was the President of the Central Legislative Assembly in August 1925? Vithal Bhai Patel