Plants : Economic Importance One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 ‘Kanchan’ is an improved variety of – Indian Gooseberry
2 The hybrid variety of mango developed from the cross of Neelum and Alphonso is – Ratna
3 Litmus–the acid–base indicator is obtained from – Lichen
4 Tulsi plant has medicinal values due to the presence of the following – Phenols and Flavonoids
5 Which leguminous plant is also a petroplant? Pongam
6 The first bio–diesel plant of the country is being established in – Andhra Pradesh
7 Which plant is used for ‘bio–diesel’ – Jatropha Curcas
8 Which plant is known as a biodiesel plant? Jatropha
9 In the context of alternative sources of energy, ethanol as a viable bio–fuel can be obtained from – Sugarcane
10 Molasses is an excellent raw material for – Power Alcohol
11 We obtain chilgoza from the seed of species – Pine
12 The chief mosquito repellent is obtained from – Margo (Neem)
13 Soft drinks such as cocoa contain significant quantities of – Caffeine
14 The alkaloid caffeine is present in – Tea and Coffee both
15 The most important stimulant present in tea leaves is – Caffeine
16 Seaweeds are an important source of which one of the following? Iodine
17 ‘Kuttu’ flour is obtained from – Fagopyrum
18 In making the saffron spice, which one of the following parts of the plant is used? Stigma
19 Which part of peppermint has the maximum percentage of oil? Leaf
20 Which substances are obtained from a tree? Asafoetida
21 Asafoetida is obtained from – Exudation from the stem & Extraction from roots
22 Quinine which is a major drug for malaria is obtained from – Angiosperm
23 Quinine, the effective medicine in the treatment of malaria, is extracted from – Bark of Cinchona
24 Quinine, used to treat malaria is obtained from which plant’s part? Bark
25 In which part of the cinchona plant quinine occurs naturally? Bark
26 The Arteether medicine which is used to cure malaria is obtained from a – Seeded Plant
27 The drug obtained from the bark of cinchona was used for treating malaria. The synthetic drug which replaced the natural product is – Chloroquine
28 Hydroxychloroquine drug used for the treatment of CORONA patients is obtained from the bark of which of the following plants? Cinchona
29 Cork is obtained from which of the following plant? Quercus
30 Tapa cloth is obtained from the plants of which family? Moraceae