Plantation Crops in India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The National Horticulture Board was established in the year – 1984
2 Largest producer of coffee in India is – Karnataka
3 Which coffee-growing areas is not in Karnataka? Pulneys
4 From the export of which cash crops maximum foreign exchange is earned – Tea
5 In 2007-08 India’s place, in terms of production and consumption of tea, was – First
6 Which states is the largest producer of tea in India? Assam
7 India produces more than its needs – Tea
8 In an area with an annual rainfall of more than 200 cms and sloping hills which crop will be ideal? Tea
9 What is Green Gold? Tea
10 In India which state produced the largest amount of Rubber (2013)? Kerala
11 In which Indian state cultivation of Coffee, rubber and tobacco is done? Karnataka
12 The main crop cultivated in India under plantation agriculture is – Tea, Rubber, coconut, coffee
13 Which State is the largest producer of tobacco in India? Andhra Pradesh
14 In India, more than one-third production of tobacco comes from – Andhra Pradesh
15 Which state of India has the largest area (2010) under tobacco cultivation? Andhra Pradesh
16 The largest Coconut producing state in India is – Kerala
17 Kerala state is famous in the world for cultivating – Spices
18 The state known as ‘garden of spices’ is – Kerala
19 A state known to be as ‘Spice Garden’ is – Kerala
20 Cloves are obtained from – Flower- bud
21 Which spice in India is known as ‘Black diamond’ – Black Pepper
22 The biggest producer of spices in India is – Gujarat