Physics Miscellaneous Topics One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The branch of Physics that deals with the motion of very small particles is called – Quantum Mechanics
2 The field of science which studies automation and communication between humans and machines is called – Cybernetics
3 The science of time measurement is – Horology
4 The study of friction and lubrication is – Tribology
5 In which field of science, we will learn about the White Dwarf? Astronomy
6 National Physical Laboratory is situated in – New Delhi
7 National Chemical Laboratory is situated at – Pune
8 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is located in – Mumbai
9 The full form of LASER is –
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
10 Laser is a device for producing – Stimulated radiation
11 The world’s highest ground-based telescopic observatory is located at – India
12 Who is the scientist in whose honour the “Chandra X-ray telescope” has been named – Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
13 Who is the first astronaut in space? Yuri Gagarin
14 Moon is – A Satellite
15 Who is the author of ‘Nuclear Reactor Time Bomb’ – Takashi Hirose
16 A.T.M. means – Automated Teller Machine
17 Which technology of the 21st century can do wonders in device miniaturization? Nanotechnology
18 A particle having at least one dimension less than 10–7 metre, is known as – Nano particle
19 The size of the nanoparticle ranges between – 1 nm to 100 nm
20 ‘Nano plug’ refers to – A small hearing aid
21 The most important property of nanomaterials is – Friction
22 A quantum dot is – A semiconductor nanostructure
23 The ‘Nano hummingbird’ is –
A pocket sized unmanned spy plane developed in the U.S.A.
24 What is the location of the Enron Power Project? Dabhol
25 The theme of the Indian Science Congress 2001 was – Food nutrition and environmental security
26 ‘Dakshin Gangotri’ is located in – Antarctica
27 The first Indian Station set up for Antarctic research is called – Dakshin Gangotri
28 The recent research station set up in the Antarctica is called – Bharti
29 The term ‘IndARC’, sometimes seen in the news, is the name of –
India’s underwater observatory to scientifically study the Arctic region.
30 “I am a citizen of Milky Way.” This statement is attributed to – Kalpana Chawla
31 The first heavy water plant was established in – Nangal
32 The magnetic needle points to – North
33 The World’s most accurate clock that loses just a second every 300 million years uses – Strontium atoms
34 In automatic wrist watches energy is provided by – Different movements of our hand
35 In an electronic watch, the component corresponding to the pendulum of a pendulum clock is a – Crystal oscillator
36 The working of the quartz crystal in the watch is based on the? Piezoelectric effect
37 The full form of MOEMS is – Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical-Systems
38 What does “PUMA” stand in the context of Robotics?
Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly
39 When and where was the Central Electrochemical Research Institute established with the efforts of Alagappa Chettiar, Dr. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru? Karaikudi, 1953
40 When and with whose efforts was the Indian Institute of Science established in Bangalore? 1909, Jamshed ji Tata
41 ‘The Indian Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Science’ is located at – Bangalore
42 A carbon microphone is best used in – Telephone
43 The laws of planetary motion were enunciated by – Kepler
44 Soleckshaw is a – Solar rickshaw
45 Bibliometric is – Information Management Tool
46 Cytotron is the device by which is produced – Artificial climate
47 Where was the 1st Engineering College of Asia established? Roorkee
48 When the metric system was introduced in India – 1-4-1957
49 A tachyon stands for –
A particle moving faster than the velocity of light
50 Water Jet Technology finds application in – Drilling of mines
51 Otto Hahn discovered atom bomb by the principle of – Nuclear fission
52 What was the fissionable material used in the bombs dropped at Nagasaki (Japan) in the year 1945? Plutonium
53 Which country has test-launched the first 3D television broadcast? America
54 With a 16:9 picture aspect ratio, display resolution 1080p means – 1920 × 1080 pixels