Defence Technology One Liner Questions & Answers


Sr. no. Questions Answers
1 The motto of the Defence Research and Development Organization is – Balasya Mulam Vigyanam
2 The name of India’s first indigenous anti-radiation missile is – Rudram
3 India’s Anti-tank missile is – Nag
4 India’s surface-to-air missile is – Trishul
5 Missile ‘Astra’ is a – Air-to-air missile
6 The name of the successfully tested air-to-air missile in Balasore, in May 2003 is – Astra
7 Which missile programme has been shelved by the DRDO? Trishul
8 The short-range missile – TRISHUL, test fired from Chandipur is a – Supersonic missile
9 India’s short-range missile is – Nag
10 The name ‘Agni’ is related with – The missile developed by India
11 C-130J Super Hercules is the world’s most advanced air lifter being used by the Indian Air Force. These air lifters (Air-craft) are made by – U.S.A.
12 India’s first armed nuclear submarine is – I.N.S. Arihant
13 The effective range of Agni-I missile test-fi red in July 2004, is – Above 700 km but less than 2000 km
14 An indigenously manufactured missile with a range of 700 km was successfully tested by India in March 2010. How is it known? Agni – I
15 What is the range of ‘Dhanush’ missile tested successfully by India in March, 2010? 350 km
16 The ICBM developed by India, with a strike range of more than 2000 km, is given the name – Agni-II
17 From which country of the world will India obtain the ‘Phalcon Radar’ system? Israel
18 The first indigenously assembled T-90 S battle tank has been named – Bhishma
19 Agni-II missile was launched from – Chandipur
20 The approx. range of Agni-II missiles is – 2000 km
21 ‘INDRA’ is – Radar
22 Name the missile tested by Indian scientists and defence personnel on 27.1.96 at Chandipur – Prithvi-II
23 To whom America is put on hold for two years under missile technology control Regime – Indian Space Research Organization
24 Who is called the manufacturer of fully indigenous Indian missile programme – Dr. Abdul Kalam
25 ‘Shaurya’ which has been successfully tested by the Defence Research and Development Organization on November 12, 2008, is a – Surface to surface ballistic missile
26 Tejas, developed with indigenous technologies is – A light-combat aircraft
27 Name of the light combat aircraft developed by India – Tejas
28 Admiral Gorshkov – Naval aircraft carrier ship
29 On March, 2010 an offshore patrol vessel has been included into the Coast Guard group. It’s name is – Vishwast
30 INS-Shakti is India’s first indigenously built – Submarine
31 Missile ‘Brahmos’ was developed jointly by – India and Russia
32 Modern technology like the Brahmos Supersonic missile by India is jointly developed by? Russia
33 Brahmos is – A missile
34 In March 2009 the `Brahmos Missile’ was tested at – Pokharan
35 The name of unmanned aircraft developed by Defence Research Organization (DRDO) is – Lakshya
36 On 20th February, 2018 who became the first-ever Indian female to fly solo ‘MIG-21 Bison’? Avani Chaturvedi
37 What is ‘Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)’, sometimes seen in the news? An American anti-missile system
38 Treaties of ‘START-I’ and ‘START-II’ were signed – Between USA and USSR
39 The ‘New START Treaty’ was in the news. What is in this treaty?
It is a bilateral strategic nuclear arms reduction treaty between the USA and the Russian Federation
40 ‘Operation Pawan’ is connected with – Operation of IPKF in Jafna of Sri Lanka
41 What is Friendship-2016?
The Joint military exercise by the soldiers of Russia and Pakistan
42 The 2016 joint military exercise ‘Maitree’ has been conducted between India and which country? Thailand
43 What is SLINEX II? Joint Naval Exercise Conducted by India and Sri Lanka
44 The bilateral military exercise ‘Harimau Shakti 2018’ has been conducted between India and which country? Malaysia