Physical Properties of Matter One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 A drop of water is spherical in shape. This is due to – Surface tension
2 Oil spreads on the water surface because – Surface tension of oil is less than water
3 Kerosene oil floats on water because – Its density is greater than the density of water.
4 Pressure inside a soap bubble is – More than atmospheric pressure
5 If two bubbles of soap of different diameters come in contact with a tube, then what will happen? The smaller bubble will become smaller and bigger will become bigger
6 A hydrogen-inflated polyethylene balloon is released from the surface of the earth. As the balloon rises to an altitude up in the atmosphere, it will – Increase in size
7 What happens when some charge is placed on a soap bubble? Its radius increases
8 Kerosene rising in the wick of the stove is due to – Surface tension
9 In a capillary tube a fluid rises more as compared to water, this is due to the – Surface tension of fluid is more than that of water
10 When an air bubble at the bottom of the lake rises to the top, it will – Increased in size
11 While traveling by plane, the ink of the pen starts to come out – Due to a decrease in air pressure
12 In automobiles hydraulic brakes work on – Pascal’s Law
13 A sudden fall in barometer reading indicates that the weather will be – Stormy weather
14 With the rise in temperature, the viscosity of liquid – Decreases
15 The highest viscosity among the following is – Honey
16 Fish can survive in a frozen lake because – Water near the bottom does not freeze
17 Increasing the amount of a substance does not change its – Density
18 The density of water will reach its maximum value at the temperature of – 4º C
19 The maximum density of water is at – 277 Kelvin
20 Why does an iron nail float on mercury while it sinks in water? Iron has greater density than water and less than mercury.
21 A needle sinks in water whereas a ship made of iron floats on it because –
The relative density of the needle is greater than that of water displaced by it
22 While lifting a bucket of water from a well, we feel that the bucket – Becomes heavier above the surface of water
23 200 gm of water is filled in a weightless balloon. Its weight in water will be – Zero
24 The clouds float in the atmosphere because of their low – Density
25 While floating in a sea what part of an iceberg is above the surface of the sea? 1/9
26 An ice cube is floating in a glass of water. What happens to the water level when the ice melts? It – Remains the same
27 A body floats at 4°C water. If the temperature reaches 100°C then – The body will sink
28 Why it is easier to swim in the sea than in a river? The sea water is salty
29 When a ship enters the sea from a river, what happens? It rises a little