Computer and Information Technology (Part II) One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 ‘Windows-3’ a popular windowing environment was released by Microsoft in the year – 1990
2 Windows operating system was developed by – Microsoft
3 The memory of the computer is measured by – Bits
4 Binary numbers are – 0 and 1
5 In Binary Code 7 is written as – 111
6 Binary language consists of how many digits? 2
7 The binary addition 1 + 1 will result in – 0 with carry 1
8 The memory of a computer is commonly expressed in terms of kilobytes or megabytes. A byte is made up of – Eight binary digits
9 A collection of 8-bit is called – Byte
10 One Byte equals how many Bits? 8
11 How many bits are there in a kilobyte? 8192
12 The term bit is the short form of – Binary Digit
13 1024 kilobytes are equal to – 1 megabyte
14 One kilobyte is equal to – 1024 bytes
15 1 MB memory is – 1024 Kilobytes
16 In computer language how many bytes are there in one megabyte? 10,48,576
17 The term MB is used for – Mega Bytes
18 Unicode encoding scheme represents a character as a group of – 16 bits
19 The basic unit of quantum information is – QUBIT
20 An exclusively private network used by employees of a company in a single location will be classified as – Local Area Network
21 LAN means – Local Area Network
22 Ethernet is an example of – LAN
23 In a database, the field is – Category of information
24 In relation to computers, ALU means – Arithmetic Logic Unit
25 In the computer Dictionary, the letters CD are used for – Compact disc
26 Index hole is related to – Floppy Disk
27 IRQ 6 is commonly assigned to – Floppy Drive Controller
28 A Program that controls a computer’s basic functions? Operating System
29 The brain of the computer is known as – C.P.U.
30 ‘Microsoft Word’ is an example of – Application software
31 MS Word is used for – Processing text data
32 Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo editing are examples of – Application software
33 The basic unit of Excel spreadsheet where we enter data is known as – Cell
34 A Word document, video, or MP3 is a – File
35 Miniaturization of present-day computers has been possible due to the use of – Integrated Circuit Chips
36 The IC chips are made of – Semiconductor
37 What is the material used in the manufacturing of IC chips in computers? Silicon
38 In computers, the chip is made up of – A thin layer of silicon
39 ICs are classified on the basis of – Number of transistors
40 Which system or arrangement connects microcomputers with telephones? MODEM
41 A modem is a hardware device that interfaces –
Telephone lines and computer equipment
42 Celeron, Pentium, and Core series are of – Computer processor
43 ROM is a memory – To read-only
44 In a computer, the permanent memory is called – ROM
45 A means of specifying the location of data in memory is called – Address
46 CD ROM stands for – Compact Disc Read Only Memory
47 A name for the short-term memory of the computer that is lost when the computer is turned off – RAM
48 COBOL is – Computer language
49 ORACLE is – Database software
50 Which is not a computer language? Paintbrush
51 JSP stands for – Java Server Pages
52 The work of the assembler is –
Convert assembly language into machine language
53 The language that the computers can understand and execute is called – Machine language
54 The machine language of computers is based on – Boolean Algebra