Other Civil Uprisings One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 Which upheavals took place in Bengal immediately after the Revolt of 1857? Indigo revolt
2 Who is the author of ‘Neel Darpan’ a book written on the miserable condition of indigo farmers? Dinabandhu Mitra
3 Who was the composer of the song ‘Vande Mataram’? Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
4 The theme of the novel Anandmath is based on – Sanyasi Revolt
5 Which revolt was made famous by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in his novel ‘Anand Math’? Sanyasi rebellion
6 What was the purpose of Barhiyataal resistance in Munger? Demand for Bakast land restoration
7 The chief center of the Wahabi Movement during the 19th century was – Patna
8 Kuka Movement was organized by – Guru Ram Singh
9 The Kuka Movement was founded in – Punjab
10 The Pagalpanti rebellion was indeed a rebellion of – Garos
11 Who founded the ‘Pagal Panth? Karam Shah
12 Who was the leader of the Farazi rebellion – Dadu Miyan
13 Who were the Faraizis? Followers of Haji Shariatullah
14 Velu Thampi led a rebellion against the British in – Kerala
15 Who founded Ramosi Krishak Jatha in Maharashtra? Vasudeo Balwant Phadke
16 The correct geographical location for the Ramosi Uprising was – Western Ghats
17 Which place was the center of the Gadkari rebellion – Kolhapur
18 Trace the tribe that rebelled against the Britishers because the human sacrifice system was banned – Khond
19 Who had led Kol Revolt? Budhu Bhagat
20 The Kol Mutiny of 1831 under Buddho Bhagat took place in which region? Singhbhum
21 Who was the leader of the Bhumij Revolt? Ganga Narain
22 The Waghera Uprising happened in – Baroda
23 Which year ‘Santhal revolt’ occur? 1855-56 AD
24 When did the Chotanagpur Tribal Revolt occur? 1820
25 Who led the revolt of Santhals? Siddhu-Kanhu & Bhairav Chand
26 What was the Santhal Pargana region called in ancient times? Narikhand
27 Which British Commander was defeated by the Santhals in 1855? Major Burrough
28 Which uprisings occurred in Maharastra? Bhil uprising
29 Who launched the ‘Lasodia Movement’ for social reforms amongst the Bhils of Mewar, Bagar, and nearby regions? Govind Giri
30 Mundas rose revolt in – 1895
31 With reference to the history of India, “Ulgulan” or the Great Tumult is the description of which event? Birsa Munda’s Revolt of 1899 – 1900
32 Who was the leader of the Munda rebellion? Birsa
33 Which tribal leader is known as ‘Dharti Aaba’ (Father of World)? Birsa Munda
34 Which was the working area of Birsa Munda? Ranchi
35 In which territory did tribals rebel against the British? Bihar
36 The word Adivasi was used for the first time to refer to the tribal people – Thakkar Bappa
37 Who provided a common factor for a tribal insurrection in India in the 19th century?
The complete disruption of the old agrarian order of the tribal communities
38 The Hoz revolt took place during – 1820 – 21
39 When did the Khairwar Tribal movement occur? 1874
40 Who was the leader of some anti-British revolts in Sambalpur? Surendra Sai
41 The Moplah Rebellion of 1921 broke out in – Kerala
42 The immediate cause of the Deccan Riots of 1875 was – the shadow of a famine
43 The Moplah revolt of 1921 took place in – Kerala
44 With reference to revolts in British India, people known as ‘Kallar’ belonged to which of the following regions? Madurai
45 Bhils revolted against the British in – M.P. and Maharashtra
46 In which year did Jatra Oraon start the Tana Bhagat Movement? 1914
47 The first tribal leader who was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology were – Jadonang