Mineral Resources of India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The most mineralized rock system of India is – Dharwar System
2 Which place is known as the storehouse of Indian minerals? Chotanagpur plateau
3 A huge amount of sources found in the Vindhya rocks are of – Limestone
4 In which rock system iron-ore found in India? Dharwar
5 Which mineral is found in the Nathra-ki-Pal area of Rajasthan? Iron ore
6 Bailadila mines are related to which mineral – Iron ore
7 Which is the largest mechanized mine in India? Bailadila mine
8 Which Iron ore is mined at Bailadila? Hematite
9 Asia’s best zinc and lead reserves are available in India is – Rampur Agacha of Bhilwara District
10 Which state has the largest reserves of copper? Rajasthan
11 With which mineral production is Malaj Khand associated? Copper
12 Which industry uses bauxite as a principal raw material? Aluminium
13 ‘Khetri’ is famous for – Copper
14 Malanjkhand in Madhya Pradesh is the leading producer of which mineral? Copper ore
15 Which place in Rajasthan the Copper Industry is located? Khetri
16 Which State of India is the largest producer of copper? Madhya Pradesh
17 Bauxite is an ore of – Aluminium
18 Which state has immense Tin Ore reserves? Chhattisgarh
19 Where is the best quality of marble found? Makrana
20 Which type of rock is Marble? Metamorphic rock
21 Which rock system in India is the main source of coal deposits? Gondwana system
22 Which is the largest Coal producing state of India? Jharkhand
23 In Uttar Pradesh, coal deposits are found in – Singrauli Region
24 In which state Namchik-Namphuk coal fields are located? Arunachal Pradesh
25 The Korba coalfield is located in – Chhattisgarh
26 Talcher is a famous coal region, located in – Odisha
27 What is chiefly found at Jharia in Jharkhand? Coal
28 Which State has the largest reserves of Lignite Coal? Tamil Nadu
29 Bisrampur is famous for the mining of – Coal
30 Maximum Coal is used in – Energy Production
31 The oldest oil field in India is – Digboi, Assam
32 Which state is the largest producer of petroleum in 2013-14? Rajasthan
33 Ankleshwar is famous for – Petrol reserves
34 In which State is the Lunej petrol-producing area located? Gujarat
35 Navgam oil field is located in – Gujarat
36 Which is the biggest refinery in India? Jam Nagar
37 When did the first oil/energy crisis occur in India? During 1970’s and 1980’s
38 The Noonmati Oil refinery is located in the State of – Assam
39 Tatipaka Oil Refinery is located in the state of – Andhra Pradesh
40 In which State of India ‘Koyali’ petroleum refinery is located? Gujarat
41 ‘Hydrogen Vision- 2025’ is related to – Warehousing of petroleum products
42 The oil exploration in India is undertaken by – Oil India Ltd
43 Hajira-Bijapur-Jagdishpur (HBJ) Gas Pipeline has been constructed by which authority? Gas Authority of India Limited
44 Most of the production of Natural gas in India comes from – Bombay High
45 Which state is the largest producer of asbestos in India? Rajasthan
46 Quartzite is metamorphosed from – Sandstone
47 The leading producer of Manganese in India is – Madhya Pradesh
48 In which mineral India leads in production in the world? Sheet mica
49 The main gypsum-producing state of India is – Rajasthan
50 Which state has a monopoly in Chromite production? Odisha
51 Where is diamond mine in India? Madhya Pradesh
52 In which district has large reserves of diamond-bearing kimberlite been discovered in the recent past? Raipur
53 In India, Monazite is found in – Tamil Nadu & Kerala
54 Jaduguda is famous for – Uranium
55 Which mineral is mined in Turamdih? Uranium
56 The resource in which Chhota Nagpur plateau is prosperous is – Minerals