Lucknow Session of Congress (The Lucknow Pact) One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 In December 1916 both Indian National Congress and Indian Muslim League held their session at – Lucknow
2 The Lucknow Session of the Indian National Congress that took place in 1916 and was presided over by – A.C. Majumdar
3 The famous ‘Lucknow Pact’ was signed between the Congress and Muslim League in – 1916
4 Who was the chief architect of reconciliation between the Extremists and the Moderates? Annie Besant
5 Who made the agreement between the Muslim League and Congress in 1916? B.G. Tilak
6 Which implication was taken in the Lucknow session of Congress in 1916?
Separate electorate demand of the Muslim League was accepted
7 Which is a period of unanimity between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League? 1916-1922
8 In which session of the Indian National Congress, Mahatma Gandhi was apprised of the problems of Champaran peasants? Lucknow Session, 1916