Irrigation and Canals of India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Which state in India has the largest extent in irrigation (percent)? Punjab
2 Life-saving or Protective irrigation refers to – P.W.P. Irrigation
3 During the last 25 years, the development of tubewell irrigation has been most spectacular in – Saryupar Plain
4 In which state of India, the maximum area is irrigated by tubewells? Uttar Pradesh
5 The state having the largest area under tube well and well irrigation in India is – Uttar Pradesh
6 The Garland Canal System in India was proposed by – Dinshaw J. Dastur
7 Who is regarded as the Pioneer or Irrigation works in South India? Sir Arthur Cotton
8 The maximum irrigation potential of India is created through – Minor Projects
9 The water-carrying capacity of the Farakka Canal is – 40,000 Cusecs
10 Mangalam Irrigation Project is located in – Kerala
11 The Saran irrigation canal is drawn from the river – Gandak
12 Which canal systems irrigate areas of Bihar? Triveni Canal
13 Indira Gandhi Canal has its source at – Harike Barrage
14 Harike Barrage (the source of water for the Indira Gandhi Canal) is at the confluence of the rivers – Beas and Satluj
15 The Rajasthan (Indira) Canal originates from? Beas & Satluj
16 The Construction of the Indira Gandhi Canal started in the year 1958 and its origin is from – Harike Dam on Satluj river
17 Indira Gandhi Canal receives its water supply from – Beas, Chenab, Ravi, Satluj
18 Buckingham Canal is situated – On Coromandel Coast
19 Which is the most well-developed and the oldest canal systems of the world in India? Gang Canal
20 Gang canal, which is among the oldest canals, was constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji in – 1927
21 The Lower Ganga Canal is taken out of the Ganga at – Narora
22 Hariyali is a new scheme for – Development of wasteland