Hunger Hotspot Report: WFP

This report was launched by ‘Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’ and ‘World Food Programme” (WFP), to mark early warning on acute food insecurity, certain upon 18 Hunger Hotspots spread across 22 countries globally.

Key highlights of the Report:

  • Countries at Highest Concern Levels:
    • Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.
  • Hotspots with very High concern:
    • Pakistan, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Syrian Arab Republic.
  • Hunger hotspot courtiers added are:
    • Lebanon, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
  • New Emerging conflicts, Climate extremes, Economic shocks, explosive ordnances and siege tactics in several hunger hotspots are pushing more and more population into disastrous level of acute food insecurity.
  • The FAO and the WFP estimate that they will require $5.5 billion to avert famine and hunger in these hotspots until November 2023.
The Indian Scenario:

  • In Global Hunger Index 2022, India ranking is 107 (Out of 121Countries).
  • Level of Under nutrition and hunger in India is at ‘serious’ levels.
  • With 19.3. %, India has highest rate of child wasting
  • About 16.3% of Indians are undernourished, and about one in three children is stunted.