Ganga Drainage System One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 The Ganga river is an example of – The Antecedent Drainage
2 The longest river in India is – Ganga
3 In Bangladesh, the River Ganges is known as – Padma
4 ‘Moribund Delta’ is a subdivision of which of the following Delta? Bengal Delta
5 India and Asia’s first Dolphin Research Centre – NDRC is being set up on the banks of the Ganga river at – Patna
6 Sunderban Delta is formed by the rivers – Ganga and Brahmaputra
7 The depth of Gangetic alluvial soil below the land surface is about – 6000 meter
8 Which is the place of confluence of the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi? Devprayag
9 With which drainage system or main river is Mandakini associated? Alaknanda
10 Name the river that flows between Kedarnath and Rudra Prayag? Mandakini
11 Along which river’s bank, the famous temple of Badrinath is located? Alaknanda
12 The longest flowing river in India is – Ganga
13 The Bhagirathi river originates from – Gomukh
14 Identify the only tributary of the River Ganges which rises in the plains – Gomti
15 Betwa river originates from – Vindhyan Hills
16 Which valley river is known to have deep Ravines? Chambal
17 Betwa River joins the – Yamuna
18 Which tributary of the Ganga system flows Northwards? Son
19 Which range act as a water divide between Yamuna and Son? Kaimur
20 Which river joins the Ganga at Fatuha? Punpun