Natural Disasters in India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Which coasts of India was worst affected by the 2004 Tsunami? Coromandel Coast
2 Which coastal areas of India was affected by ‘Hudhud Cyclone’? Andhra Pradesh coast
3 The Tsunami Warning Center in India is located in – Hyderabad
4 The Indian Meteorological Department was established at – New Delhi
5 What is the factor of a Tropical cyclone in the month of May? Local temperature variation
6 Cyclones are more frequent in the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal, because – High temperatures in the Bay of Bengal
7 What is ‘Ockhi’ which has been in the news recently? Cyclonic storm that hit India’s coast in November 2017
8 The first Disaster Management Training Institution of the country is being established at – Latur (Maharashtra)
9 India has been divided into how many Seismic Risk Zones? 4
10 The most flood-prone state of India is – Bihar
11 Cyclone “Tauktae” was formed in which ocean? Arabian Sea