Forest and Wildlife One Liner Questions & Answers


1 The minimum land area recommended for forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance in India is – 33%
2 The national forest policy aims at maintaining how much of the total geographical area under forests – One-third
3 Which forest/park has not been categorized as forest under the National Forest Policy (1952)? National Park
4 What is the percentage of forest area in the total geographical area of India? 24.62 %
5 According to the India State of Forest Report 2017, what percentage of the total geographical area of the country is under forest? 21.54 %
6 According to data obtained from a satellite survey, what percentage of India’s area is a forest? 19
7 How much of Indian land is forest area? 22.7 %
8 Which State has the largest area under forests? Madhya Pradesh
9 As part of the New Forest Inventory Design implemented in 2016, the revisit time has been reduced to – 5 years
10 In India the State with the largest area under very dense forests is – Arunachal Pradesh
11 Tree cover is maximum in – East Deccan
12 In India, percentage coverage of dense forests to total geographical area is about – 12 %
13 According to India State of Forest Report 2019, in which district, very dense forest area is minimum? Jodhpur
14 Which State has more than 80% of its area covered by forest? Arunachal Pradesh
15 Second largest mangrove area in India is found along the coast of – Gujarat
16 Mangrove (Tidal Forests) vegetation in India is mostly found in – Sundarbans
17 Which state has a protected mangrove region? Goa
18 Which region of India has a combination of mangrove forest, evergreen forest and deciduous forest? Andaman and Nicobar Island
19 Nagaland mountains are becoming increasingly barren mountains mainly due to – Shifting cultivation
20 Which State has launched ‘Apna Van Apna Dhan’ scheme? Himachal Pradesh
21 Which plant grown in non-forest area has been omitted from the definition of trees in the Indian Forest (Amendment) Act, 2017? Bamboo
22 In which year the Wildlife Protection Act was introduced in India? 1972
23 In India, if a species of tortoise is declared protected under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, what does it imply? It enjoys the same level of protection as the tiger
24 If a particular plant species is placed under Schedule VI of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. What is the implication? A licence is required to cultivate that plant
25 When was the Forest (Conservation) Act enacted? 1980
26 The National Afforestation and Eco-Development Board (NAEB) was set up by Government of India in the year – 1992
27 When was ‘Project Tiger’ launched in India? 1973
28 The Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) has signed MoU with TIFAC for supporting forest-based communities. Where is the headquarters of ICFRE located? Dehradun
29 Which institution is not related to the environment? Survey of India
30 In world wildlife, India accounts for – 8 percent
31 India’s largest fish is – Whale shark
32 Which animal is the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund – Giant Panda
33 Gavialis crocodilia are found plenty in – Ganga
34 ‘Chipko’ movement was basically against – Deforestation
35 Who is considered as the leader of the Chipko Movement? Sundarlal Bahuguna
36 Who is the protagonist of the Chipko Movement? Chandi Prasad Bhatt
37 Under whose leadership the movement against deforestation was launched in the Raini village of Chamoli? Gaura Devi
38 ‘World Wild Life Day’ is observed on – 3rd March
39 In which year the Environment (Protection) Act passed by the Government of India? 1990
40 The pugmark technique is used –
For estimation of population of various wild animals
41 The main causes for the forest loss are – Industrial Development
42 National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources is situated at – New Delhi
43 National Research Centre for Agroforestry is located at – Jhansi
44 The greatest diversity of plants and animals is characteristic of – Tropical moist forests
45 In India which type of forest is teak a dominant tree species? Tropical moist deciduous forest
46 Which forest is known as the “lungs of the planet earth”? Amazon rain forest
47 Which district has larger area under dense deciduous forest cover? Paschim Champaran
48 What is NOT a major cause of Wildlife Extinction? Fast pace of population growth
49 Which country has the highest percentage of its geographical area under forest? Japan
50 Which country has passed a resolution to maintain forest on 60% land of its geographical area? Bhutan
51 The 2004 Tsunami made people realize that mangroves can serve as a reliable safety hedge against coastal calamities. How do mangroves function as a safety hedge?
The mangrove trees do not get uprooted by storms and tides because of their extensive roots
52 In which State Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary located? Arunachal Pradesh
53 Amrita Devi Smriti Award is given for – Protection of forests and wildlife
54 The World Tiger Summit, 2010 was held at – Petersburg
55 As a part of wildlife conservation eff orts in Nepal and India, a new association by the name ‘SAVE’ was launched recently. The objective of SAVE is to conserve – Tigers
56 In Uttarakhand, Oak-Rhododendron are characteristic plants of – Temperate forest
57 Every year, a month long ecologically important campaign/festival is held during which certain communities/ tribes plant saplings of fruit-bearing trees. Who are such communities/ tribes? Gond and Korku
58 In a particular region in India, the local people train the roots of living trees into robust bridges across the streams. As time passes, these bridges become stronger. These unique living root bridges’ are found in – Meghalaya