Pollution One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Human-made pollutants are called – Anthropogenic
2 The environment modified by human activities is called – Anthropogenic environment
3 A bio-degradable pollutant is – Sewage
4 The combustion of coal, petrol diesel, etc. is the basic source of which pollution? Air pollution
5 Which energy source produces NO atmospheric pollution? Solar energy
6 Photochemical smog is a result of the reaction among –
NO2, O3, and peroxyacetyl nitrate in the presence of sunlight
7 Smog is essentially caused by the atmospheric presence of – Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur
8 During normal conditions, the gas that pollutes the atmosphere is – Carbon Monoxide (CO)
9 Colorless gas coming out from motor vehicles and cigarettes due to incomplete combustion is – Carbon monoxide
10 Combustion of petrol in automobiles pollutes the air by producing which metal? Lead
11 Which air pollutant gets dissolved in the hemoglobin of the blood more rapidly than oxygen? Carbon monoxide
12 The non-biotic pollutant in underground water is – Arsenic
13 Water pollution of rivers is measured by – Amount of Oxygen dissolved in water
14 The highest chemical pollution is caused by the industrial units of – Leather industry
15 Acid rain is due to air pollution by – Nitrous oxide and Sulphur dioxide
16 Which is an air pollutant gas and is released by burning fossil fuel? Sulfur dioxide
17 Fly ash pollution is caused by – Thermal power plant
18 Green Muffler is related to – Noise pollution
19 Bhopal Gas Tragedy (leakage of methyl isocyanate ‘MIC’) accident happened on – December 3, 1984
20 Which gas leaked out in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy causing numerous deaths? M.I.C.
21 Polythene bags cannot be destroyed because they are made of – Polymers
22 What is a bioindicator of air pollution? Lichen
23 Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is an indication of pollution in – Aquatic environment
24 A water body having a high B.O.D. indicates that its water is – Being contaminated by sewage
25 BOD is maximum in the Ganga river between – Kanpur and Allahabad
26 Bioremediation means –
Elimination of toxic pollutants from the environment by organisms
27 The problem of water pollution with Arsenic is maximum in – West Bengal
28 The Chernobyl accident is related to – Nuclear accident
29 The most toxic metal pollutant of automobile exhaust is – Lead
30 According to the report released by Greenpeace India in January 2020, among 287 Indian cities, which is the most polluted city? Jharia
31 Which was the seasonal factor responsible for the intense cold in northern India in January 2012? La Nina
32 Which river is called a ‘biological desert’ on account of its pollutants? Damodar
33 Which seed is used as an adulterant of a mustard seed? Argemone seed
34 Why is there a great concern about the ‘microbeads’ that are released into the environment? They are considered harmful to marine ecosystem
35 What is known for cleaning a polluted environment? Rain
36 The Union Cabinet has approved MoU between India and SACEP for cooperation on oil and chemical pollution in the South Asian seas region. What does SACEP stand for? South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme
37 Asian Brown Cloud, 2002 was mainly spared over – South Asia
38 In which term is ‘pyrolysis and plasma gasification’ mentioned? Waste-to-energy technologies
39 The most important indoor air pollutant is – Radon gas
40 Recently, ‘oil zapper’ was in the news. What is it?
It is an eco-friendly technology for the remediation of oily sludge and oil spills
41 The headquarters of the International Maritime Organization is located in – London
42 “Knock-Knee Syndrome” is caused by the pollution of – Fluoride
43 To meet Euro-II emission standards, what should be the sulfur content in ultra-low sulfur diesel? 0.05 percent or less than this
44 Euro Norms place limits on the amount of emission of gas in automobiles. The gas is – Carbon monoxide
45 National Clean Air Programme has been launched by the Central Government in which year? 2019
46 Carbon monoxide, emitted by vehicles turns to carbon dioxide by the catalyst converter, whose ceramic disc is controlled by? Palladium
47 Which megacity of India generates the largest solid waste per capita annually? Delhi