East India Company and Nawabs of Bengal One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 Which was the last Governor of Bengal appointed by the Mughal Emperor? Murshid Quli Khan
2 Which wars began the consolidation of British supremacy over India? Battle of Plassey
3 Sirajuddaula was defeated by Lord Clive in the battle of – Plassey
4 Who was the founder of the British Empire in India? Lord Robert Clive
5 Who has been called a “Heaven Born General”? Robert Clive
6 Who founded the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Calcutta in 1784? William Jones
7 The battlefield of Plassey is situated in – West Bengal
8 The Battle of Plassey was fought in the year – 1757
9 Which shifted his capital from Murshidabad to Munger? Mir Qasim
10 The most decisive battle that led to the establishment of the supremacy of the British in India was – The Battle of Buxar
11 Who was the ruler of Delhi at the time of the battle of Buxar? Shah Alam II
12 Who was the Nawab of Bengal when the Battle of Buxar was fought? Mir Jafar
13 The first decisive military success of the English East India Company in India is marked by – Battle of Buxar
14 Which rulers had granted Diwani to the East India Company? Shah Alam- II
15 During which Governor’s tenure, Diwani rights of Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha were granted to East India Company by Emperor Shah Alam? Lord Clive
16 Emperor Shah Alam- II gave the Diwani of Bengal – Bihar and Orissa to East India Company on – 12 August, 1765
17 In which year, was the authority of the British established over the fort of Prayagraj (U.P.)? 1797 A.D.
18 Where was the Western presidency situated in the early period of the East India Company? Surat
19 Who was appointed Deputy Diwan of Murshidabad by Robert Clive after the Allahabad Treaty? Mohd. Raza Khan
20 With which mountain tribes did the British first come into contact with after the grant of Diwani in the year 1765? Khasi
21 Name the French Commander who was defeated in the battle of Wandiwash in 1760 – Count Lally
22 In the Battle of Wandhiwash (1760) – British defeated the French
23 Who opposed the British in India vigorously? Maratha