Demand for Pakistan One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Who had primarily used the word ‘Pakistan’ for a separate State for Indian Muslims? Chaudhary Rehmat Ali and his friends
2 The idea of a separate Nation for Muslims was given by – Sir Mohammad Iqbal
3 The “Pakistan Resolution” was drafted by – Sikandar Hayat Khan
4 Who led the movement for the separate State of Pakistan? Md. Ali Jinnah
5 Who called Mohammad Ali Jinnah as ‘Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity’? Sarojini Naidu
6 The remark ‘Nehru is a patriot, while Jinnah is a politician’ was made by – Sir Mohammad Iqbal
7 The resolution demanding the formation of Pakistan was passed by the Muslim League in the year – 1940
8 Who moved a resolution for the creation of Pakistan is the Muslim League Session of 1940 – Khaliquzzaman
9 The Muslim League Annual Session which gave effect to Jinnah’s Two Nation Theory was held in – Lahore
10 When did the Muslim League celebrate ‘Pakistan Day’? 23rd March, 1943
11 Who did the Chairmanship of the Lahore Session (1940) of the Muslim League? Mohd. Ali Jinnah