Daily Current Affairs (One Liner) – 4 June 2024

हिंदी में पढ़ें

1. Recently, ISRO collaborated with which company for sustainable space exploration through additive manufacturing? – Wipro 3D


2. According to recent government data, India got highest FDI from which country in 2023-24? – Singapore


3. Recently, which research institute has developed a way of generating non-infectious Nipah virus-like particles (VLPs) in the laboratory? – Institute of Advanced Virology


4. Dinesh Karthik, who recently announced his retirement, belongs to which sports? – Cricket


5. Recently, Claudia Shienbaum has been elected as the first woman President of which country? – Mexico


6. Recently the results of the assembly elections of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim were declared, how many assembly seats are there in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim? – 60 and 32


7. Who has been appointed as the Director of Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research? – Chandrashekhar Gaurinath Karhadkar


8. According to the Election Commission of India, how many women voted in the Lok Sabha elections in India? – 31.2 Crore


9. Which is the first state in the country to implement the Living Will on the order of Bombay High Court? – Goa


10. In which year, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day? – 2018


11. Which football club has won the UEFA Champions League Trophy – 2024? – Real Madrid


12. which state is the Holangapar Gibbon Sanctuary located? – Assam


13. Kedar Jadhav announced his retirement from cricket, Kedar Jadhav played first-class cricket from which state team? – Maharashtra 


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