Daily Current Affairs (One Liner) – 4 April 2024

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International Affairs

1. Scientists of which country have created a world record for maintaining a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius in an artificial sun for 48 seconds? – South Korea


Science & Technology

2. Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), recently seen in news, is mostly occurred in which species/group? – Cattle


3. ‘NICES Programme’, recently seen in news, is operated by which organization? – ISRO


4. Where was India’s first domestic gene therapy for cancer launched? – IIT Bombay


5. Which ballistic missile was successfully tested by DRDO recently? – Agni-Prime


6. What is the name of the Indian Coast Guard ship that recently made a port call in Vietnam as part of its overseas deployment to ASEAN countries? – Samudra Paheredar


7. Scientists have discovered evidence of ozone (03) on which planet’s moon Callisto? – Jupiter


Short News


8. Who has recently been appointed as the new Managing Director of Tata International? – Rajiv Singhal


State Current Affairs

9. Kathia wheat, which has recently been given GI tag, belongs to which state? – Uttar Pradesh


10. The recently discussed Konda Reddy tribe is related to which state? – Andhra Pradesh


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