Daily Current Affairs (One Liner) – 21 June 2024

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Government Schemes

1. What is the aim of the National Forensic Infrastructure Enhancement Scheme (NFIES), recently approved by government of India? – To strengthen the criminal forensic infrastructure


Polity & Governance

2. 5G Intelligent Village Initiative has been introduced by which ministry? – Ministry of Communications and Information Technology


International Affairs

3. Which United Nations organization has appointed British actor Theo James as Global Goodwill Ambassador? – UNHCR


4. Where was the 112th International Labour Conference held? – Switzerland


Economic Affairs

5. With whom has the Government of India signed a loan agreement to improve the health sector? – Asian Development Bank


6. The Cabinet has recently approved the Minimum Support Price (MSP) on how many Kharif crops? – 14


Science & Technology

7. What is the Casimir Effect, recently seen in news? – A phenomenon where two uncharged conducting plates experience an attractive force



8. In which country is the BRICS Games 2024 being organized? – Russia


Short News

Places in News

9. In which city did PM Narendra Modi participate in the event under International Yoga Day 2024? – Srinagar


10. Recently, the Central Council of Research in Yoga and Naturopathy in collaboration with Svyasa organized a conference on “Yoga for Space” at which place? – Bengaluru


11. The world’s first conservation and breeding centre for the Asian king species of vultures will be set up in which place? – Maharajgan



12. Who has been appointed as the Protem Speaker of Lok Sabha recently? – Bhartruhari Mahtab


Important Days & Weeks

13. When is World Music Day celebrated every year? – 21 June


State Current Affairs

14. Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is located in which state? – Uttar Pradesh



15. Which airport recently became the first in the country to introduce a self-service baggage drop system? – Indira Gandhi International Airport


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