Daily Current Affairs (One Liner) – 1 June 2024

हिंदी में पढ़ें

International Affairs

1. Recently, where was the 6th Meeting of India-Japan Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism held? – New Delhi


2. Recently, which country has launched its first space agency and plans to make a Mars landing by 2045? – South Korea


3. Recently Earth CARE mission was launched, this mission is a joint mission of which two space organizations? – ESA & JAXA


Science & Technology

4. Recently, researchers of which institute have developed a novel and safer method to mass produce recombinant proteins? – Indian Institute of Science (IISc)


5. World’s first wooden satellite ‘Lignosat’ has been built by which country? – Japan


Short News


6. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of financial services group Muthoot Pappachan Group or Muthoot Blue? –  Shah Rukh Khan


7. Who has been appointed as the Director General of World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH)? –  Emmanuelle Soubeyran


Exercises & Operations

8. What is the primary aim of the Red Flag 24 exercise, recently held in Alaska? – To integrate aircrew in a multinational environment through advanced aerial combat training


Important Days & Weeks

9. What is the theme of ‘World No Tobacco Day 2024’? – Protecting Children From Tobacco Industry Interference


10. When is World Milk Day observed every year? – 1 June


State Current Affairs

11. In which state is the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial located? – Tamil Nadu


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