Carbon and its Various Forms One Liner Questions & Answers


S.R. NO Questions Answers
1 What elements form the maximum number of compounds? Carbon
2 Graphene is – Nano structure of carbon
3 Pencil lead is – Graphite
4 The third allotrope of Carbon was discovered by three scientists, who were awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Find out who was not on that team – Faimen
5 Buckminsterfullerene is –
A form of carbon compound of clusters of 60 carbon atoms bond together in a polyhedral structure composed of pentagons or hexagons
6 What types of coal contain a higher percentage of Carbon than the rest type of? Anthracite
7 The highest amount of Carbon is in – Pig Iron
8 For the ceiling of diamonds, the unit of weight is a carat. One carat is equal to – 200 mg
9 Which lubricant is used for heavy machines? Graphite
10 Dry ice is – Solid CO2
11 Water gas is – CO + H2
12 The gas, which comes out on opening a soda water bottle, is – Carbon dioxide
13 What is the bond order of the CO group? 3