Biology: Branches & Terminologies One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Study of Zoology deals with – Both living and dead animals
2 The study of the flower is known as – Anthology
3 The scientific study of insects is known as – Entomology
4 Which of the following subjects of data set is associated with the study of concerning population and humanity? Demography
5 The comparative study of the different cultures and the scientific explanation is known as – Ethnology
6 The study of properties and method of biological systems found in nature and use of this knowledge in mechanical world is known as – Bionics
7 Under Palaeobotany, one studies – None of these
8 Rearing silk worms is known as – Sericulture
9 Honey bees are used in – Apiculture
10 Lexicography is related to – Compilation of dictionary
11 The study related to the plants being used as a vegetable is called – Olericulture
12 Which one of the following is produced through viticulture – Grapes
13 What is Vermiculture? The science of raising worms
14 In Vermiculture, the worm used is – Earthworm
15 Genetics deals with – Heredity and variations
16 The study of Gerontology, is related to which of the following? Old age
17 The branch of study dealing with old age and ageing is called – Gerontology
18 The study of ageing is known as – Gerontology
19 Pedology is the science related to the study of – Soil
20 Study of bones, are under which branch of science? Osteology
21 The study of bones is done under the branch of science called – Osteology
22 The study of snakes is known as – Serpentology
23 What is hydroponics? Growing plant without soil