Evolution of Life on Earth One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Which gase was absent in the atmosphere of the primitive earth? Oxygen
2 According to recent proof, the life on earth emerged approximately – Before 2,000,000,000 years
3 Which is the oldest organism on earth ? Blue-green algae
4 The book, The Origin of Species was written by Darwin
5 Who propounded the theory of evolution? Darwin
6 Who explained first the evolution of life? Lamarck
7 The mutation theory of evolution was enunciated by – Hugo de Vries
8 The main factor of evolution is – Natural selection
9 In the context of organic evolution, the loss of limbs in snakes is explained by the phenomenon of – Use and disuse of organs
10 The reason of large-scale diversity among the organisms is – Mutation
11 Latest ancestor of modern human is – Cro-Magnon man
12 Archaeopteryx is – Most ancient bird of Jurassic age
13 ‘Archaeopteryx’ is a connecting link between which of the following classes of animal? Reptilia and Aves
14 Mammoth is the ancestor of – Elephant
15 Dinosaurs were – Mesozoic reptiles