Acid, Base and Salt One Liner Questions & Answers


S.R. NO Questions Answers
1 Antacids are – Base
2 Goldsmiths uses aqua regia, which is prepared by mixing– Nitric acid and Hydrochloric acid
3 pH value shows the Numeric value of – Analysing the acidic or basic nature of a solution
4 The pH of a solution changes from 3 to 6. The H +ion concentration will – Decrease 1000 times
5 What may be a possible pH value of, an acidic solution? 6
6 Which acid is considered a basic chemical in Industry? H2SO4
7 Which acid is present in Acid Rain? Nitric acid
8 An aqueous solution of copper sulphate is acidic in nature because the salt undergoes – Hydrolysis
9 What is not a Lewis acid? NH3
10 Limewater is turned milky by – CO2
11 Sodawater obtained by passing carbon dioxide in water is – Acidic in nature
12 Which acids do not contain oxygen – Hydrochloric Acid
13 An unknown gas quickly dissolves in water. This the gaseous aqueous solution turns red litmus into blue. This gas produces a white flame with hydrogen chloride. This unknown gas is – Ammonia
14 What is Neela Thotha? Copper Sulphate
15 The chemical used for destroying fungi in water tank is – Copper Sulphate
16 Blue vitriol is chemically – Copper sulfate
17 Baking soda is – Sodium Bicarbonate
18 The chemical formula of washing soda is – NaCO
19 Quartz crystals used in clocks are – Silicon dioxide
20 Which salt predominant in the ocean? Sodium Chloride
21 Table salt (NaCl) is a product of – Strong acid and strong base
22 Iodized salt contains – Potassium iodide
23 What is untrue about bleaching powder? It is more soluble in water
24 When eno salt is poured into the water, bubbles form, which is due to – CO2 gas
25 To develop photographic plates – Sodium thiosulphate is used as an oxidizing agent
26 The chemical used as a ‘fixer’ in photography is – Sodium thiosulphate
27 The hypo solution used in photography is an aqueous solution of – Sodium thiosulphate
28 The useful element in photography is – Silver Bromide
29 Which substances is used in glazing the pottery? Zinc oxide